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Belgrade from above

48 hours in Belgrade

So, it’s late in the evening, your workday is finished and its time to plan that eagerly awaited weekend break. Looking at the map of Europe, glass of wine in hand, there are so many incredible options to choose from. You could try strolling around the misty canals of Amsterdamor take time out for people-watching […]

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Dorset Stream Feast

Summertime Fun in Dorset

Who would have thought that the beautiful countryside, stunning farmland and quiet country lanes of Dorset would be home to so much fun and frivolity! Just because we live away from the city doesn’t mean we don’t know how to put on a damn good show and have a real good time! And so with […]

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Guide to Hapiness

Is traveling happiness?

The travel infographic below gives the reasons why traveling is happiness. Enjoy : )

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Hotel Srikot Castle

Check out Hotels in Srinagar Garhwal and book accommodation in advance

Srinagar, the most astonishing part of the Himalayan foothills is a city that embraces romance and beauty of its surroundings and proudly beholds the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the land that captivates too many visitors in the city near the Alaknanda River. Tourists enthrone at this heavenly place to visit the […]

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Check the coolest airports in the world

As travellers get better at finding great deals, thanks to the myriad of comparison websites, airports get busier and delays more prevalent. Travelling from an airport with the right facilities can make all the difference when your flight is delayed.  You can usually expect a selection of eateries and a duty free store, but what […]

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Nine of the strangest items passengers have carried on board (or tried to)

What is your least favourite part of going on holiday? Booking your hotel? Packing? Or let me guess, getting through customs. Well next time you’re complaining about the queues, conveyer belts and x-ray machines slowing down your journey think back to some of the most extreme displays of cheek, invention and stupidity highlighted in the […]

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Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents – Make your Vacation a Memorable Experience

This article is presented to you by OneTravel- Get the best travel deals & Book Cheap Flights to Denver, Seattle, London & destinations all around the world. Gone are the days, when high street travel agents were the only source to get  your vacation booked. In today’s busy world when people hardly get time to […]

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Holiday Hotspots: The Caribbean

For many people, the Caribbean is their idea of paradise. And for good reason too. This sun-drenched archipelago is a haven of ivory coloured sands, glittering turquoise seas and a cloudless blue sky that fades into the distant horizon. It’s synonymous with a wonderfully laid-back way of life where the sun always shines and tomorrow […]

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