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Najac Castle on the hill of Aveyron

France | The majestic position of Najac Castle in Aveyron

Can you imagine a castle on top of a rocky hill surrounded by a bend of a river and that by walking you also get to visit a town that spans a single street that leads to the fortress? That’s the Najac Castle, one of the prettiest villages in France you can see in the […]

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Words to describe the beauty of Venice

Without doubt, trying to describe the beauty of the city of Venice in words is a feat. Speaking of that city can be considered an impossible task because no matter how many words can be written on it, they could never describe the beauty that surrounds each corner there along with the uniqueness of changing […]

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Ryanair Flight wing

Is the “low fares” airline worthy? | Ryanair

Everybody knows the fame that Ryanair has, especially when it announces the amount of passengers they have moved and always on time. Well, these triumphs hide the reasons that more and more passengers start to suspect when the flight starts… They call themselves the “ultra low cost” airline, and they seem that until you advance […]

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Cantabrian Sea

If you visit Asturias you can’t miss the North | Spain

Asturias is a green region in the very North of Spain. It’s famous for the ecological tourism you can make there, where you can feel one with nature: the rainy weather cleans the pollution of the air and fills the landscape with plants, the coastal villages haven’t lost their characteristic tradition of know-how and some […]

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Fuerteventura diving

The exotic seas of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the quintessential dive sites in the Canary Islands and if you are fond of water sports and travel, this is your destination. You should not stop from enjoying its reefs and marine attractions. The Chupadero. Located in Lajita Creek, this is one of the most distinguished in Fuerteventura for diving, especially […]

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Salamina Way

Thunder visit to Salamina! | Greece

Salamina is the closest island you can travel to from the biggest port of Europe, Piraeus. Ships come many times a day to take you there for only 3€ per person, and if you are located in the area of Perama it will cost less than 1€. This enormous island is not like the rest […]

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Benefits of Vacation Timeshare – Absolute Vacation Club

Everyone wants to go on vacation, but between pouring over online reviews before the holiday and penny pinching for months after, traditional vacation planning is a time consuming and often unsuccessful venture. A new generation of timeshare travel is simplifying the process, sparing its customers from this arduous task. With a growing resort collection and […]

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Climbing the Asturian routes

Climbing in Asturias | Unseen Scenery

Today we inform you about the most recommended places for climbing in Asturias. Naranjo de Bulnes 2519m. With an extension that reaches 13.54 miles, this route is suitable for experienced climbers that also pass a series of uneven surfaces. It is Available during the whole year. Refugio Vega Urriellu. This is one of the most […]

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Nice coast

A cultural visit to Nice of France

If you want to spend your next holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation without sacrificing everything and you can visit a city of art, then choose Nice. The French city overlooking the French Riviera is very close to the Italian border and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The second largest city of Provence after Marseille, Nice […]

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Gran Canaria hiking

The outdoor activities of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has natural spaces ideal for practicing outdoor activities within them such as trekking, climbing and hiking. Among the most recommended destinations for outdoor activities in Gran Canaria we have Barranco de Los Kestrels which is suitable for walkers, cyclists, and families with children. The extension of this route reaches 7.01 miles with moderate […]

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