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If you need a shopping therapy then read on! Best markets and shops from all over the world.

3 ace places for holiday fashion

The wind’s howling like a confused Labrador, there’s more rain on the streets than in a Noah’s Ark re-enactment, and newspapers are already panicking about a shortage of grit… That’s right, it’s time to book yourself a holiday. More people are choosing to avoid the disaster of the Great British Wintertime by heading to sunnier […]

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Useful Travel Tips about Shanghai

A trip to China would not be completed without a visit to Shanghai. Shanghai is the best example of innovation, as well as of tradition. There, you can find various samples of the big Chinese history and customs. Above all Shanghai offers the best instances of a super-contemporary city, in which there are plenty of […]

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Ryanair Liquids

Liquids in hand luggage | Rules

As we mentioned in our post about Hand luggage, preparing the luggage of our trip is as important as other coordination or prior to our shipment procedure. In relation to hand luggage, in recent years changes have been occurring within the rules of what is or not allowed in it to avoid any threats inside […]

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Miami Night Skyline

The best attractions of Miami | What to see

Miami is an American city located in Florida that is recognized for its importance in the commercial sector, in its streets you will find the most important venues for banks, TV networks and companies in the United States, and in the entertainment industry, one of international centers for the performing arts, the presentations of the […]

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Barcelona Markets

All Markets in Barcelona

The local markets are an unconventional way to visit a city dispossessed from the role of visit. You can immerse yourself in the habits and quirks of the citizens of that place, try the flavors, smells and gestures of an identity that is not yours. Certainly to admire the many works in museums, marvel at […]

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Ca macana

Carnival masks of Ca Macana in Venice

Here is a store that everyone agrees, wives and husbands, children and adults. This is Ca Macana in Venice, one of the most famous shops of Venetian masks, able to present in 2000 as one of the few shops from Venetian artisan producers. Ca ‘Macana is not only known among fans of the genre, but […]

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Nisantasi in Istanbul

Abdi Ipekci Caddesi in Istanbul, where shopping becomes more chic

Istanbul is a metropolis, capable of combining the ancient and modern, East and West, as well as shopping, if we can have the traditional oriental bazaars, as the Misir Carsisi does not mean that you cannot find something more modern, something that is more in step with the times.Regarding the accommodation, there are a lot […]

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Christmas Markets in Berlin

Christmas flea markets in Berlin

They call it Weihnachtsmarkt, but we can use the simpler term and congenial to Christmas Markets a place you must visit in Berlin in addition to the many attractions of the city: from the bridge Oberbaumbrücke, the museum of the Ramones and others. Christmas Markets in Berlin The Magic of German Christmas markets in Berlin […]

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Victoria Park Village

The main shopping streets in London, Victoria Park Village

Victoria Park Village is not a real village, but it is as if it were. In the sense that it was not born as a small village on the outskirts of London, but still retains a unity of architectural style, and life, which make it a homogeneous nucleus and recognizable within the largest airline in […]

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Bora Bora

A different way to find cheap trips

Travel broadens the mind – at least that’s what they say – and it is something that many people and families are investing serious time and money into. But, that’s the problem when we think about going away – money. It’s a word no-one likes to talk about, especially with belts remaining tightened for the […]

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