Antarctic, Penguin

Antarctic | Frozen beauty

Antarctica is the most southern continent on Earth, which is the geographic South Pole. It is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and has an area of ​​14 million square kilometers, ...

Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York

Statue of Liberty | New York, USA

The hallmark of New York city is the Statue of Liberty, which dominates the entrance of the harbor area and depicts the Liberty as a female, commanding figure holding a ...

Canazei, Italy

Canazei | A fairytale Italian village

The Northern Italy, can easily brag, of the most beautiful mountain villages which are well hidden in the Dolomites. One of them is the famous Canazei, primarily for lovers of ...

Travel Spotlight


What to see in Vieux Montreal, Canada

In Canada, everything is so great that when you leave to climb ...
Castillo de Santa Barbara

The volcanic Lanzarote of the Cannaries

Imagine this: White beach, the desert and a pristine sea. You are ...
Praça do Comercio, Lisbona

Traveling to Lisbon

Among other European Capital city, Lisbon is proven to be unique because ...

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Three Beauty & Fashion Conferences in London Worth Travelling to This Year

When you take a course of treatments with us, such as Sculpsure by Juvea, you can get the results you want, but then you may want to make the most of your treatments by learning new make-up techniques or take in the latest fashion trends. Here at Juvea, we love sharing our best tips and […]

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Five Beauty & Fashion Conferences Worth Travelling to This Year

For those working in the fashion or beauty industry, MATA Glasgow have narrowed down some wonderful beauty and fashion conferences that are well worth travelling to this year – or putting into your diary for next year, should you need to plan well ahead. 1: The Makeup Show The Makeup Show is running a number […]

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Take On Holiday

You’ve planned the holiday of your dreams, you’ve spent hours ogling Instagram for trip Inspiration and you’ve organised a tonne of cool excursions. It’s the final few days before your vacation and now it’s time to pack – don’t panic! Packing can be super stressful, but it’s important to remember that most things can be […]

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Where to find TV show filming locations in London

With movies like Notting Hill, the film premiere event hotspot Leicester Square, and Harry Potter themed tours and shops, it’s safe to say that London is a filmophile’s paradise. But while you’re busy scouting out all the notable movie locations in London (you can see a massive map of them here), you could be walking […]

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3 great businesses giving you amazing travel experiences

You’ve booked your Airbnb, prepared for your flights and purchased new travel bags – and your credit card is feeling the strain. Travelling anywhere costs a fortune, even if you choose value options at every turn. Whether you’re catching a train, plane or automobile, you’re going to have to fork over enough cash to fill […]

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Business Travel Summit London 2018 — 4 opportunities for SME suppliers

When you consider all of the short- and long-haul corporate travel trips taken each year, it’s easy to calculate that the business travel industry is big business. And on 17 October 2018, London’s Business Design Centre will be bustling with buyers, suppliers and expert speakers attending the Business Travel Summit. With ample speed meetings, sessions […]

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Give Your Family a Vacation They Will Never Forget at Lake Placid

Family vacations are where special memories are created while you are having great fun together and if you decide to pay a visit to Lake Placid there will be plenty of opportunities to do and see things that you will be talking about for a long time after. image source: here Here is a look […]

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Traveling by motorcycle – The option to move on two wheels

Traveling by motorbike is a dream for many people. However, many people are afraid of giving it a shot because they think it’s dangerous. image source: here But, the option to travel by motorcycle is a great one and below we’ll see exactly why. Why do you choose to travel by motorcycle? Because it gives […]

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Advice on what to do in California with Kids

California is full of wonderful attractions and top things to see and do. There is great variety to be found, unsurprisingly considering the size and scope of this West Coast state. There are beautiful beaches, stunning parks, picturesque mountains and of course some exciting theme parks. When it comes for fun times for families with […]

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Tips for Traveling to New York – What to see

When traveling to the United States, if this is the first time you are going to visit New York, you should have several free days at your disposal. It is a great city that on a first occasion well deserves a week of visit. Then, from our experience of having visited this city on four […]

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