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This category on Trip and Travel News includes special celebrations around the world. Each of them has its own purpose and story!

3 terrific travel marketing campaigns

Creating an effective travel marketing campaign can be a real challenge. The marketing industry is constantly changing and there are so many brands out there to compete with — some of which have set a very high bar. Some of the most awesome travel campaigns of the past few years have elevated advertising to an […]

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Business Conferences Worth Travelling This Year

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have formed a well established business, we at know that business owners are always learning and want to seek out new knowledge that can help grow their business further. This is why we have compiled some very interesting and useful business conferences that we think are worth […]

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Three Beauty & Fashion Conferences in London Worth Travelling to This Year

When you take a course of treatments with us, such as Sculpsure by Juvea, you can get the results you want, but then you may want to make the most of your treatments by learning new make-up techniques or take in the latest fashion trends. Here at Juvea, we love sharing our best tips and […]

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Five Beauty & Fashion Conferences Worth Travelling to This Year

For those working in the fashion or beauty industry, MATA Glasgow have narrowed down some wonderful beauty and fashion conferences that are well worth travelling to this year – or putting into your diary for next year, should you need to plan well ahead. 1: The Makeup Show The Makeup Show is running a number […]

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Gastronomic Bierzo 2013 | Until December 9

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the region of Bierzo in León, as I did last year when I went to discover the amazing landscape of Las medulla. But also at this time there is another good reason to make a trip to this region, the gastronomic events held until 9 December where you […]

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Milano Cinema Festival

September 2013 Events | Milano Film Festival turns 18

The Milano Film Festival celebrates its coming of age. The eighteenth edition of the festival that is celebrated every September is a great reason to go back to visit the capital of Lombardy. Cinema young, alternative, independent, away from the splendor of Venice and Rome and always mixed with DJ sets, live events and more. […]

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Red Boat in Red Sea

Holidays in Egypt | Red Sea collapses the interest of travelers

The Foreign Ministry yesterday published the latest update on the situation in Egypt, in the meantime TripAdvisor certifies the declining interest of European travelers, even for destinations and resorts lying on the Red Sea, not directly involved in the riots. We advise against travel to the country to destinations outside the resorts located in the […]

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Roland Garros Tennis Event

Sports tourism in France

France is a country where sport is lived and practiced with intensity. There is no destination in this country that does not include special programs to enjoy a travel experience full of excitement and adrenaline on everything related to sports, it is therefore advisable to conduct a review of the major sports to be found […]

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The most popular festivals of Lisbon

Lisbon is a party town. Naming all the festivities would be difficult so here are some of the most important festivals of the city. Carnival of Rio may be the most famous in the world but truth is it has its origins in the Carnival of Lisbon. This celebration of the end of winter is […]

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St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 | Ireland celebrated all over the world

It is so popular that it has been exported all over the world. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17. Concerts, parades and plenty of beer will be the players with the purest Irish spirit. The festivities will start from Dublin and cascade to many other destinations. You can celebrate the patron saint […]

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