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Spicy Lampuki

Mini guide to Malta through its cuisine and traditional dishes

If we speak of Malta we must not only think of the golden beaches and the underwater dream but an island to discover all year round beginning from the kitchen, the result of a meeting of various traditions and people. The population of Malta is the result of a mix of people, all determined to […]

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Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest 2013: not only in Munich, beer festivals around the world

The end of September by the way of a period devoted to beer after the summer holidays and the return to reality two days in the company of the blonde drink does not hurt anyone. If you know a bit of Munich and you have Oktoberfest in memory then do not worry: there are other […]

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5 things to eat in Japan

Sushi and sashimi is the image Japanese cuisine has in the world. Japan in fact depending on the area, like other nations has its own regional cuisine and I spent almost most of the year in Japan every time tasting something new and generally very good. Not being able to obviously make a huge excursus […]

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Wonders not to be missed in Japan

A trip to Japan is a unique experience without being so “contaminated” by the pop culture anime, manga, video games, etc. It’s hard for me to make a list of wonders but I’ll try not to miss any. KYOTO: Was the capital of Japan for many centuries and the cradle of Japanese culture with over […]

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Holiday Injury

Injuries abroad

People go on holiday in the hopes of securing rest and relaxation, which means that few people want to consider the possibility of suffering an injury while abroad. However there are lots of ways this can occur, and many holiday injuries abroad are fairly common and also to take precautionary steps to avoid them. Many […]

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Grand Central Station

Secrets of Grand Central Station | New York City

Who does not know the train station in Manhattan? How many people know all the little surprises that hide within it? With this little virtual tour we will reveal how to discover the best. First place since hitting from the outside, you arrive from 5th Ave, 3rd Ave or you travel from Park Ave in […]

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Weekend breaks to remember

When people used to talk about going away for the weekend, it was very rare that they’d go out of their own country, unless they happened to live close to the border. Flights were simply too expensive to go off for a long weekend somewhere. In order to make it worthwhile, you had to fly […]

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Lokrum Island Dubrovnik

The island of Lokrum in Dubrovnik | Paradise on earth with a thousand legends

Effective part of Dubrovnik we can not overlook is the fascinating and mysterious island of Lokrum and visit the ancient monastery founded by Benedictine monks in 1023. It is a very green island, a romantic beauty, an oasis of peace, sun, sea, creeks, forests of pine, laurel and lush subtropical vegetation. The island is cloaked […]

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Hammam Seville Arab Baths

Hammam in Seville | The Arab baths Aire de Sevilla

Usually a weekend in Seville means a hectic day of visiting Alcazar Cathedral and Plaza de Toros. However there’s something else to expect such as an evening to the rhythm of sevillana until the early hours of the morning, An idea that rhymes with relaxation and tranquility. Trust me and close your eyes, imagine a […]

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Mini guide to Fuerteventura | The island of the wind

Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast with an area of ​​1,660 km. The island is arid and sparsely populated, just think that the first hotel was built in 1965 followed by the construction of the airport. The sea is crystal clear, the particular vegetation and desert color the small town of […]

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