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Ile Des Pins

7 Island Escapes in the Pacific

The Pacific only continues to grow in popularity, but it is easy to see why, with so many beautiful beaches, friendly locals and the most sumptuous cuisines in the world. If you’re planning the ultimate island escape, it doesn’t get much better than the likes of Vanuatu, Tahiti and New Caledonia. For some unforgettable additions […]

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Best time to visit Hawai

Best time to visit Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world and many people visit it all year long. As we know the climate of Hawaiian islands is tropical. This means that there might be a very hot sun or rain as hell. Except of that, because it is so famous, it is almost […]

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Summer vacation

Infographic: Summer vacation

Who does not love summer? Ok, there are a few but almost everyone loves summer and wish it was summer all year long. In this summer infographic we can see top vacation destinations, what most people prefer doing and other summer fun statistics.      

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Facts and tips for sun protection

Infographic: Facts and tips for sun protection

Sun gives life but it is dangerous aswell if you are not careful. Everyone wants a darker skin in the summer. That is fine as long as you don’t overdo it and take all steps to protect your skin. In this travel infographic we can see some facts that prove how dangerous sun can be […]

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Around the world in 80 ways

Around the world in 80 ways: Which one is the fastest?

50 years ago there were not that many means of transportation and traveling around the world was only a dream for most of people. Today you can travel around the world in 80 different ways. The most amazing part is that you can do it in less than 9 hours but you have to be […]

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10 tips to be prepared for your vacations

10 things you should know to become a prepared traveler

Most people believe that being a traveler is really easy. But, it is not. Almost everyone have traveled at least once, long or short trip. I am sure you do remember that you forgot something to take with you or do something to make your vacations even better. Being a good traveler is not easy […]

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What can you take through airport security

What can you take through airport security

How many times were your forced to through a few of your personal stuff like shampoo or a bottle of wine while passing through airport security? Airport security has become really strict cause of the fear of terrorist attacks. There are many items that are not allowed to have with you on your hand back […]

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Travel and social media

Internet and social media are part of our vacations

The use of internet is a daily activity for most people in the world. I believe that for most of us there is no single day that we haven’t browsed the internet or social media. This is the reason why online statistics on different aspects are so important. In this travel infographic we can see […]

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Travel facts most of us ignore

Infographic: Travel facts most of us ignore

Our planet is so big and there are so much information added to our lives every single day. Unfortunately we cannot notice or remember every single information as most of them are useless for most of us. But there are some of them that we all should know but we don’t because we can’t really […]

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5 places to visit before they disappear

5 Places to visit before the Disappear

As we all know our planet’s climate is changing day by day. The temperature is rising and the icebergs are melting causing the rise of the sea level. Cause of this, there are many places that will be covered by the sea in a few years. Some of these places are famous tourist destinations. In […]

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