10 Things to See and Do in Athens

Athens is full of things to do. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, so it has had long centuries to develop an epic identity and tradition that captivates its visitors. If you already know what all your essentials are and you want to investigate deeper into some plans and ideas to enjoy the city from a less touristic and more personalized perspective, we recommend that you take a look at the following list of the best things to see and do in Athens. Additionally you might be interested in tailor-made tours such as those prepared by Greek TravelTellers.

What to do in Athens

1. Stroll through the Plaka neighborhood, it is the oldest neighborhood in the city, with its cobbled labyrinthine streets that still retain all the charm. Enjoy its terraces, handicraft stores and typical products. Remember to book a restaurant with views of the Acropolis for dinner in this neighborhood, seeing it illuminated is a wonderful sight.

2. Go up to the Acropolis and get to know one of the best archaeological sites in the world. The Parthenon or the Temple of Athena Niké are two of its most precious jewels. We recommend that you hire a tour with an expert guide to not miss the history, mythology and all the curiosities of these colossal buildings of Antiquity.

3. Do not miss the Acropolis Museum. If you feel like delving into the history of the Acropolis, this museum houses pieces that are not exposed in the archaeological site, such as the Caryatids: a series of well-known female statues, which functioned as columns for the Erechtheion.

4. Climb Mount Filopapo to get the best panoramic view of the Acropolis. It is also known as the Hill of the Muses. If you go at sunset, the horizon show illuminating the Parthenon will make everything even more epic.

5. Go to the Temple of Zeus to observe the four 17-meter Corinthian-style columns that remain standing. This temple once had 104 columns of those dimensions. Go with a guide to not miss any detail of one of the essential places of Athens.

6. Escape to Argolis on a comfortable 1-day excursion to see the Corinth Canal, Mycenae and the famous theater of Epidaurus, one of the best preserved buildings in Greece and the best acoustic theater in Antiquity. A marvel!

7. Stroll through the Psiri neighborhood and discover the charm of this fashionable district with bohemian soul and urban art in many of its corners. You will find the best graffiti in the Plaza de los Héroes and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to drink something on one of its terraces and relax in a magnificent environment.

8. Don’t miss the Changing of the Guard of Parliament. The striking ceremony takes place every hour next to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. But if you want to enjoy it in its maximum splendor, reserve a Sunday morning (or holiday) for it. At 10:45 the full version of the ceremony is held, with more than 100 soldiers and a music band.

9. Walk from Sintagma Square to Monastiraki Square on Ermou Street. The two most important squares in the city are a few blocks away and are linked by the emblematic shopping street of Athens. Enjoy the ride while you eat a traditional koulouri. Those little circular loaves will take you to paradise for less than €1.

10. Complete the walk through Ermou with a good meal. Go to one of the many restaurants at Monastiraki and ask for a souvlaki (roasted meat in pita bread) or a kalamaki (meat and vegetable skewers). They are probably the most delicious in the city.

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