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Hohensalzburg Castle at Night

What to see on an unforgettable cultural trip to Austria

The legacy of the Habsburgs in Austria has left a great legacy of monuments and architecture as well as an amazing culture. It is a beautiful city that had its heyday in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and among the residences of the dynasty is the Hofburg Imperial Palace which holding unmatched jewelry keeps incredible […]

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I heart airports

I’ve been on holiday more times than I’ve had hot dinners. Okay, that might be a stretch, but I’ve been away a lot, and I’m somewhat of an expert on the whole pre-holiday airport business. The first time I went away, I was so scared of the airport that I forgot to enjoy it; nowadays […]

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Where are you most likely to get injured in on holiday?

Holidays and injuries are two things which you don’t normally expect to coexist. In the majority of cases, holidaymakers don’t come back nursing a broken leg or feeling queasy after a bout of food poisoning, but injuries arising from accidents abroad or closer to home do happen from time to time, and those affected are […]

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Santo Domingo Hills

Vacation time in Santo Domingo of the Caribbean

Santo Domingo is not only popular for being the capital of the Dominican Republic but also for being one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean. In this city you will find the highlights of Caribbean beaches, cobblestone streets and old buildings that will tell you its history and a host of leisure facilities. […]

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Victoria Falls

An awesome weekend near the Victoria Falls | Livingstone Tongabezi Resort

Today we talk about a tourist destination that is unique in its kind and its location. We speak of Livingstone Tongabezi cabins, a small colony that rests deep in the most beautiful and quiet of the African jungles near the famous Zambezi River. These are the first and only resort cottages that exist near the […]

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Beauty of a free Lion

The Lion | The king of the safari

In the depths of the African jungle lions inhabit natively. Known by the scientific name of Panthera leo, the lion is among the largest cats in dimensions after the Siberian tiger. Its measurements vary close to three meters long and its weight can reach 270 kg. Females and males visibly differ at the mane which […]

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Charming and peaceful places of China

China is a place full of attractions but many of the places scheduled for travel agencies usually are packed with tourists. Here are some inconspicuous places that have lots of charm! Pueblo de FengHuang in the Hunan Province is a place of fantastic architecture and home to fascinating cultures such as the minority Miao and […]

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Sistine Chapel

Virtual visit to the Sistine Chapel

Among the new interactive with which we have in recent years and are gaining popularity, we find virtual tours to places of tourist attraction. This time we enter into the Sistine Chapel and discover the highlights of one of the most precious treasures of the Vatican City. Sistine Chapel in its interior has one of […]

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Val Gardena Mountain Bike

Weekend cycling in the mountains | Val Gardena Active

Between June and September the ski slopes of Val Gardena become trails for mountain bikers. But even if you do not have calves of steel, try the routes on two wheels and zero impact. In case you want to have the full experience you can also look for what suits you through a massive range […]

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Lisbon Zoo Garden Panorama

Get closer to the animals in the Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon Zoo was the first in the Iberian Peninsula and it was an idea of Drs Peter van der Laan and José Thomaz Sousa Martins. In this park you will see more than 400 species of animals, as well as learn more about each of them and in turn you will have fun as […]

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