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Vesuvius Mount

History in danger at Pompeii

Pompeii and Herculano, these two cities sadly known owing to the tragedy of Vesubius in the age of the Ancient Rome. They are a compulsory visit for those ones who feel nostalgia for our ancestors instead of curiosity for the aspect of the new Rome, Tshirts with “Ciao Bella” printed when there used to be […]

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Montreal by day

Things to See and Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

As the largest city in South America, and the third largest city in the world, no matter what time of year you visit you are sure to find plenty to keep you busy. The city offers a vast variety of attractions and activities which make it one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Whether you’re […]

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Osaka Castle

The modernity of Japan in Osaka

Only half an hour by train from Kyoto is the city of Osaka. As I mentioned in a previous post, the contrasts that can occur between one place and another at a relatively short distance between two points can be impressive. Here we again find a similar case. If Kyoto is associated to the refinement, […]

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Angel Falls Peak

Trip to the gigantic Angel Falls

One of the most impressive natural wonders of the world is the huge drop of water or waterfall as it is called in Latin America, Angel Falls located in the Venezuela tropical limits. Deep into the green jungles of Venezuela, walking through wet forests, full of green and nature, drenched by constant radiant rivers to […]

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Peru Machu Picchu

Adventure this time leads us to Peru

This is in addition to being one of the best ways to discover the mountains of Peru. The Andean Central Railroad is known worldwide as the train that runs to the greater height of planet earth same as that of the Swiss Alps! It runs from the High Sierra going down to the coast of […]

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Victoria Falls beauty

Excursion to the majestic Victoria Falls

One of the most impressive natural wonders are the great Victoria Falls, representing one of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the planet. The locals call it Mosi Oa Tunya which refers to the loud roar emitting from the water as it falls from great height. The falls create quite a magical atmosphere from the […]

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Ryanair Liquids

Liquids in hand luggage | Rules

As we mentioned in our post about Hand luggage, preparing the luggage of our trip is as important as other coordination or prior to our shipment procedure. In relation to hand luggage, in recent years changes have been occurring within the rules of what is or not allowed in it to avoid any threats inside […]

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Credit Card while traveling

Are credit cards better to use abroad?

The question today is about what happens with expenses abroad and credit cards. When we decide to take a trip or go for a vacation abroad or across the seas we many times choose to not carry cash with us. We prefer the convenience of taking our credit cards with us. But what is really […]

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What to take with you on a long haul from Dallas to Sydney

From staying healthy to keeping yourself entertained, there really are a variety of issues that you must keep in mind for any long haul flight. If you’re travelling from Dallas to Sydney however, you’ll be flying on the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world, so preparing for the trip is important. With a flight […]

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Chinese Temple

Everything you need to know about going to China

To enter China one must obtain a visa at the Chinese Embassy in each country without distinction. The maximum stay allowed is 60 days. The cost of a tourist visa for entry is 42 euros, the multiple input is 70 euros. The visa application is to be made in person and at least one month […]

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