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Career horizons — 3 routes into your dream tourism job

According to stats gurus Statista, the travel and tourism industry contributes $US 7.6 trillion to the global economy annually — making it one of the world’s largest sectors. And if you’re a regular holidaymaker in search of a new career, it could be an exciting vocational destination. There are several ways to carve out a […]

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Corporate travel – 3 ways to keep staff safe and secure

Most jobs involve some sort of travel — whether it’s a daily commute, trips to business conferences or longer stints spent working in international offices. And Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) research published in May 2017 revealed that over half of bosses surveyed felt underprepared to manage issues like safety, visa paperwork and employee […]

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3 great businesses giving you amazing travel experiences

You’ve booked your Airbnb, prepared for your flights and purchased new travel bags – and your credit card is feeling the strain. Travelling anywhere costs a fortune, even if you choose value options at every turn. Whether you’re catching a train, plane or automobile, you’re going to have to fork over enough cash to fill […]

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Business Travel Summit London 2018 — 4 opportunities for SME suppliers

When you consider all of the short- and long-haul corporate travel trips taken each year, it’s easy to calculate that the business travel industry is big business. And on 17 October 2018, London’s Business Design Centre will be bustling with buyers, suppliers and expert speakers attending the Business Travel Summit. With ample speed meetings, sessions […]

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Collect Avios with a Lloyds Rewards Credit Card

If collecting Avios points during your daily shopping expedition just wasn’t quite rewarding enough, now there are even more ways of collecting Avios points which can then be redeemed, at a later date, on something really special. Now, with the help of the Lloyds Rewards Credit Card, you can earn points just by using the […]

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United Kingdom

Holidays in the UK countryside

When people think about visiting the UK from another country, the temptation is always to visit the major cities like London and Edinburgh. You might also plan to visit culturally and historically important sites too, like York, Bath and Durham. Some of them require driving to them by car. If you’re british and wanting to […]

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The Absolute Timeshare Scam | What Timeshare is, What it is NOT

Why is the internet so full of news of timeshare scams? Everyone has some story of being ripped off or coerced into buying something they didn’t want. Let’s straighten things out by first working out exactly what timeshare is and what it is NOT. Timeshare is “the arrangement whereby several people have the right to […]

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Which beach to stay at in Kerala?

Which beach to stay at is often the dilemma for visitors to Kerala who come from all parts of the world. For most people coming to holiday in Kerala it is about the Kerala houseboat packages and backwaters of Kerala. However there are a set of travellers who visit this tropical destination for warm, clear […]

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A little bit of the magic of London theatre

If you’re heading to London’s reputable Theatreland, then expect to be hit with an almost dizzying number of shows. It’s an arresting sight – the blinking lights and gargantuan posters advertising star-studded, exciting productions, from moving Shakespearean tragedies to toe-tapping musicals. And, amidst all of these shows comes the potentially off-putting price of a night […]

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Best Destinations in Central & South America

A part of the world like no other. Cross a unique, flamboyant lifestyle with staggering ancient ruins; and rainforests that spread as far as the eye can see, and you have the truly unforgettable continents of Central and South America. Ranging from the Inca’s and Mayan’s to the dancing carnival girls of Rio De Janeiro […]

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