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Home Staging

Sell Your Home for More by Staging and Set Off on the Adventure of a Lifetime

So often we hear people who say that they’d love to travel, but their finances just don’t allow them to take off and go wherever they please. If you’d love to set off on your own personal adventure, you can sell your home to finance your travels. In order to get top dollar, you’ll want to […]

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Sport baggage allowance

I don’t know why I always had the feeling that sport equipment was considered free of charge – never check any company’s website for information till the moment they made me pay an extra of 50 Euros for a small bag. If you don’t want to be a synonymous of my status have a look […]

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Brits and their cars abroad

When it comes to going away on vacation many plan to sort out their own journeys with the family car, but aren’t too sure about what the laws are in certain countries, or the type of items they should ideally have on them at all times. This is where the nice people at Voyager Insurance […]

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The Wave, Arizona

Amazing rock formations

The Wave is an amazing rock formation in the border states of Arizona and Utah, USA. It is a particularly popular destination for those who love hiking and photography, as well as colorful wavy shapes formed by the rocks offer a unique spectacle. The Wave is made of sandstone, sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand, […]

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Canazei, Italy

Canazei | A fairytale Italian village

The Northern Italy, can easily brag, of the most beautiful mountain villages which are well hidden in the Dolomites. One of them is the famous Canazei, primarily for lovers of winter holidays and skiing. Particularly a hospitable place and one of the most picturesque in the region, this village has wonderful natural landscapes, traditional homes […]

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Travel guide

Survival guide for tourists

Even though you might have travelled a lot, feeling comfortable when located into foreign lands, there are some general rules that everyone should have in mind before leaving for other states or other places and other more specific and concrete, depending on the destination, anyone should care to get informed before the departure gate at […]

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Weirdest foods in the world

Weirdest foods in the world

One of the most exciting things about traveling is that you get the chance to eat something different. You could try traditional dishes that make even more famous the place you have visited. Well, almost always because food is all about tastes and all people all over the world can’t have the same tastes. I […]

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Ryanair Landed

Hand luggage on Ryanair | All you need to know

If we are to travel it is not only important to order our documentation, check-in and any other preprocessing but also to check that our hand luggage meets the requirements in order to avoid problems in the gate. If you have chosen the company Ryanair, we recommend you follow the instructions on hand luggage from […]

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Oxford Hotel

Festive days | What do they really mean

Did you ever wonder what really happens in Christmas? I mean not only for you but around the world ?! The infographic below will give you an idea…

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Who is traveling in 2013

Travelers in 2013 | Who is traveling?

The days of overspending are over. Financial crisis is affecting our lives more and more and traveling is on the list too. Everyone is trying to save more and spend less and organise their holidays as on a strict budget. All these have changed the behavior of travelers and we could even say that a […]

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