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Majorca Caves

Last Minute holidays in the beautiful Majorca

Do you want a fantastic holiday in Majorca but do not want to spend a fortune? Rest assured because you will have the possibility to organize a fantastic full holiday for a low cost. You will encounter from clear beaches and hidden coves to long, clear, natural gardens and caves. There are parched hills until […]

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Barcelona Chocolate Paradise

Chocolate tasting in Barcelona

If you’re seeking an experience that will delight your palate, you can attend a chocolate tasting in Barcelona. This activity lasts an average of two hours and includes chocolate tasting workshops where you can taste seven to twelve types of chocolates and all necessary materials plus porviding a certificate of attendance. In the Barcelona chocolate […]

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Hanoi Panorama

Hanoi | The treasure of Vietnam

On the banks of the Red River with its architectural marvels and a history of domination, cultural influences and war, you will find Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. You will not have problems arriving in Hanoi by plane. The Vietnamese city is in fact served by an international airport Noi Bai in which they call […]

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Yacht Party

3 Best Destinations for a Yacht Party

There’s no better way to celebrate than partying on a luxury yacht while taking in the very best sights that Australia has to offer. Live like a celebrity for a day while you experience stunning world-class destinations and incredible activities before toasting the sunset and partying on into the night. If this sounds like your […]

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Toronto at Night

Canada and its big cultural cities

Visiting Canada today is unique and unrepeatable because we can immerse ourselves in a boundless space made of natural parks, wild rivers, vast forests, waterfalls, great lakes and coasts with no end. Visiting Canada means visiting the Cascate Falls with their majestic size and scope of more than 168.000 m3 of water per minute. In […]

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Cies Islands and the all seeing seagull

The magnificent Cies Islands of Vigo

Cies Islands are one of the most important tourist destinations in Galicia. Located at the entrance of the Ria de Vigo in the Rias Baixas about 14 kilometers from the city of Vigo, the municipality where they belong, they form a natural barrier between the river and the sea. They are part of the National […]

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Pink Sand Beach Dense Nature

The beautiful Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas

Located in Harbour Island in the Bahamas, Pink Sand Beach is considered one of the best beaches of this Caribbean destination and one of the best beaches in general. By covering more than five kilometers in length this beach is known for its sandy composition due to fragments of coral and broken shells giving it […]

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Argentina Glacier

Argentina the land of passion

From the deserts of the north to the Cordillera of the Andes, to the icy landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina is huge, full of great natural wonders. It is a country capable of converting even the most intrepid traveler into a methodical tourist to discover the world with the unique feeling of home. Visiting Argentina you […]

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Things to do in Orlando with a friend

Whether you’re simply taking two weeks off of work, or celebrating a month or two away from your studies, Orlando is simply packed with things to do for young, energetic twenty-somethings. Florida4Less offer great holidays to Orlando at affordable prices – so just ideal ideal if you are looking for good value for money. Though […]

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safe holidays

Stay safe while on holiday

Holidays don’t always go to plan, and no matter how hard you try to organise every detail, there’s always room for something to go wrong and it normally does. Yet despite having to contend with misbehaving kids, bad weather and terrible food, holidays are, in the end, extremely enjoyable. However, there’s a difference between putting […]

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