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Who does not love the deep blue sea? Here are travel destinations that get their charm by the amazing sea!

Queens Grill Grand Duplex, Queen Mary 2

The best suites in middle of the sea

These suites compete with the best, most expensive and most luxurious hotels land suites in the world. The suites of cruise ships have nothing to envy from the glitz, style, decoration and services that offer the most renowned multi star hotels. Let’s meet some of them: Master Suite, Seven Seas Voyager At 113 meters, the […]

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Cuba Paradise Beach

Cuba | The forbidden paradise

The “forbidden paradise ” is one of the first choices of traveling. It has so much to offer the visitor, such as history, culture, nightlife, beautiful beaches, clean seas and tropical vegetation. The Cuban people are warm who live to entertain. The rhythms of salsa and mambo are widespread in the atmosphere and drift away […]

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Costa Brava Beach

Costa Brava | The S’Agaro trail to the coves in Playa de Aro

Thinking of the Costa Brava coastal landscape is to imagine small coves with crystal clear waters. This is a reality. The best way to see the creeks of the region of Baix Empordà is to stroll through the walkways, historic trails that run along the coast which for centuries were used to get to the […]

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Cantabrian Sea

If you visit Asturias you can’t miss the North | Spain

Asturias is a green region in the very North of Spain. It’s famous for the ecological tourism you can make there, where you can feel one with nature: the rainy weather cleans the pollution of the air and fills the landscape with plants, the coastal villages haven’t lost their characteristic tradition of know-how and some […]

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Fuerteventura diving

The exotic seas of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the quintessential dive sites in the Canary Islands and if you are fond of water sports and travel, this is your destination. You should not stop from enjoying its reefs and marine attractions. The Chupadero. Located in Lajita Creek, this is one of the most distinguished in Fuerteventura for diving, especially […]

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Salamina Way

Thunder visit to Salamina! | Greece

Salamina is the closest island you can travel to from the biggest port of Europe, Piraeus. Ships come many times a day to take you there for only 3€ per person, and if you are located in the area of Perama it will cost less than 1€. This enormous island is not like the rest […]

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Red Boat in Red Sea

Holidays in Egypt | Red Sea collapses the interest of travelers

The Foreign Ministry yesterday published the latest update on the situation in Egypt, in the meantime TripAdvisor certifies the declining interest of European travelers, even for destinations and resorts lying on the Red Sea, not directly involved in the riots. We advise against travel to the country to destinations outside the resorts located in the […]

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Formentera Calo d'es Morts

Discovering the underwater world of Formentera

We rarely have the opportunity to find a place with the characteristics of Formentera, a recreational and inspiring destination for practicing a variety of sports especially including water. This is our tour of the centers where we can practice underwater diving in Formentera. Formentera Navy Sports school is one of those centers designed for those […]

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Bali Shore

Exotic holidays in the seas of Bali

Bali has some of the scenarios with highest attendance of athletes and adventurers looking to enjoy a pleasant stay plus all kinds of recreational activities amidst the bounties of Mother Nature. If you want to do some vacation in a tropical paradise then you are welcome to have a look around Bali. Bali has a […]

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Javea scuba shore

Holidays by the seaside of Javea

If what you want is a bit of fun and adventure then what you need is a walk around Javea which is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for diving. We are talking about a large variety of scenarios and other recreational areas for sightseeing. Javea has the best view of the Mediterranean‘s most beautiful […]

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