3 terrific travel marketing campaigns

Creating an effective travel marketing campaign can be a real challenge.

The marketing industry is constantly changing and there are so many brands out there to compete with — some of which have set a very high bar.

Some of the most awesome travel campaigns of the past few years have elevated advertising to an art form and appeal to everyone from the general public to industry insiders.

We’ve picked our favourite three for your delectation — grab a coffee and get inspired

  1. Reach across the aisle (2016) – jetBlue

In this campaign video, jetBlue offer a plane full of passengers free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world. But there’s a catch — they must all agree on the same destination.

The customers are able to come to an agreement and eventually choose Costa Rica. And their deliberations highlight many of the airline’s destinations, which is a brilliant way of emphasising the carrier’s reach.

Tip: Using real customers in your advertising conveys the message that your brand is customer centred. Check out this Guardian article on using real people in marketing campaigns.  

  1. Escape the Madness (2012) – Tourism Ireland

The aim of the Escape the Madness campaign was to encourage Londoners to get away from their busy city and enjoy a hassle-free holiday in Ireland.

Launched in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the advert depicts a race between two men experiencing very different journeys —one endures a chaotic commute to his London office while the other enjoys a peaceful trip to Ireland which ends with him savouring a refreshing pint of Guinness.

The campaign featured regular social media updates on Facebook and Twitter, the distribution of a print piece called ‘Take a leap into Ireland’ and the creation of dedicated website DiscoverIreland.com.

Tip: Using a variety of channels to market your campaign allows you to reach a wide and diverse audience. For advice on creating effective online content, talk to digital experts like Attercopia.

  1. London From Above (2015) – Visit London

The London From Above campaign video is simple yet effective — charting the journey of a drone across the city.

The video is highly pleasing to the eye and it showcases some of the most iconic parts of London from the most incredible angles, which adds to their appeal whilst enabling the audience to see them in a new light.

Tip: In the digital age, video has become the ultimate means by which to reach an audience and entice them to engage with your brand. To find out more about the importance of video marketing, take a look at this article from the Digital marketing Institute.

These three very different, but equally impressive, travel marketing campaigns evidence a strong understanding of how to entertain and entice audiences in the digital age

What are your favourite travel marketing campaigns? Share in the comments

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