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Can you imagine traveling without unique amazing dishes or a special mohito by the beach? Of course not! Here is what you should definitely try in different travel destinations.

Wine Culture As An Amazing Travel Experience

Wine culture offers a variety of increasingly attractive activities related to gastronomy and cultural tourism. They offer memorable experiences for travelers looking for a form of tourism based on the culture of wine. There are specialized travel agencies that organize tours around the most emblematic vineyards of several continents. If you love wine then we definitely recommend […]

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Belem Pastry

Lisbon | Taste the famous and delicious Belém cakes

A trip to Lisbon is incomplete if you have not had the opportunity to taste the Belém cakes. If you do not particularly like the sweet, know that it is the most characteristic sweet and famous cuisine of Portugal. If you love sweets, you have an unmissable with Belém pastries. This delicious dessert known in […]

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Gastronomic Bierzo 2013 | Until December 9

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the region of Bierzo in León, as I did last year when I went to discover the amazing landscape of Las medulla. But also at this time there is another good reason to make a trip to this region, the gastronomic events held until 9 December where you […]

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Osaka Castle

The modernity of Japan in Osaka

Only half an hour by train from Kyoto is the city of Osaka. As I mentioned in a previous post, the contrasts that can occur between one place and another at a relatively short distance between two points can be impressive. Here we again find a similar case. If Kyoto is associated to the refinement, […]

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Waraq decorated

First Steps in Arabic food | Vegetarian Waraq the enab

During your travels to the Arabic countries you will surely be fascinated by their cousine. When talking about Arab cuisine we refer to food that in the use of spices provides a balanced mix of features of gourmet Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, all developed along the Arab Gulf states which includes the countries of the […]

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Barcelona Chocolate Paradise

Chocolate tasting in Barcelona

If you’re seeking an experience that will delight your palate, you can attend a chocolate tasting in Barcelona. This activity lasts an average of two hours and includes chocolate tasting workshops where you can taste seven to twelve types of chocolates and all necessary materials plus porviding a certificate of attendance. In the Barcelona chocolate […]

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Pesca Salada Entrance

Pesca Salada bar in Barcelona

There is a small bar which is inconspicuous but with so much character and a very original decoration in Barcelona. Here’s my presentation of Pesca Salada, a place of only 15 square meters that however encloses a whole world of cocktails stories. It is located in Calle de la Cera where few tourists generally arrive […]

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Barcelona Markets

All Markets in Barcelona

The local markets are an unconventional way to visit a city dispossessed from the role of visit. You can immerse yourself in the habits and quirks of the citizens of that place, try the flavors, smells and gestures of an identity that is not yours. Certainly to admire the many works in museums, marvel at […]

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Plaza Mayor building

Madrid and the Museum of Jamòn | Plaza Mayor

Dear travelers, are you in Madrid? Well then you have no excuse not to spend the evening in the Plaza Mayor which is considered one of the most luxury travel spots of the city. If you are already at the Plaza Mayor and do not want to feel just like any tourist in Madrid, you […]

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Singer Building

The historic Caffè Singer in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Singer Building is located along the Nevsky Prospect (the main street of St. Petersburg) in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and is home to the eponymous Coffee Singer. It is elegant and refined. A bar / library with a perfect blend of taste and culture,. The bar is well stocked […]

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