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How to save money on your flight

Infographic: How to save money on your flight

Almost everyone has picked a flight and traveled abroad. We always try to pick the best flight and cheapest ofcourse. What we dont realise is how much more money we spend on those flights without even realising it. In the travel infographic below we can see how to profit from flights and fly more often. […]

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Ideas for family days out in London

Bringing your family to London this summer? You could not pick a better time to do it. There is a buzz about the place, the Olympic games have captured everyone’s imagination and the city is in a mood to party. If your planning to visit there are a lot of kids activities in London besides the standard attractions of […]

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Accidental trip to South America

Trip to South America | Accidents that might occur

Are you planning for a long trip to South America? Apart from sexy ladies it is good to have a look at the travel infographic below and see what might also happen while there…

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Where is everyone flying this summer?

Infographic: Where is everyone flying this summer

This summer is going to be very hot or very cold depending on what you prefer and where are you going on vacations. In the travel infographic below we can see the top US and international destinations for this summer but also the least prefered.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb travel guide, Croatia

Zagreb is a combination of Austro-Hungarian structures and around the edge socialist edifices. The city is meant for walking around. There are quite a number of galleries to discover and many restaurants that serve as a pit stop. During summer, locals are seen in Jarun Lake where they can swim or go boating. If you […]

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Airplane seat prices explained

Airport seat prices explained

The travel infographic below explains in details all the prices that are matched with the seats of an airplane.

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The evolution of social travel

Etymology of “Social Traveling”

The particular travel infograhic explains the success of ‘Social Travel’

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Family holidays in Australia

Best holidays in Australia | All family will enjoy

There are a lot of travel infographics online. The one below which is designed by hotelclub,  will give you all the details for family-friendly destinations and hotels.

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New England Old Map

New England’s Best Attractions

A region in the northeastern corner of the United States of America, New England which consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut is one of the most contrasts regions in the country. Home to some of the most historically important sites in the country, known for its diverse cultural life and […]

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Social Media in the hospitality industry

Four Pillars discover how social media and mobile have impacted upon the travel industry and why all hotels should be visible on social networks.

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