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West Point Lake

Top 5 Things to do in Georgia, Atlanta

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of fun and interesting things to do in Georgia. Whether you’re searching for the awe-inspiring, serious, beautiful or busy attraction, Georgia has it all to offer and you are guaranteed to leave the state with some unforgettable memories. Take a comfortable pair of walking shoes, […]

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Townsville By Day

What to see in Townsville, Australia

Townsville is a city of 164.955 inhabitants on the coast of North Queensland, home of the largest military base in Australia. The only reason I found myself there twice is the airport which closes at midnight and it is quite far from the center which can be reached in half an hour by bus (3.50 […]

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Andalusian Horses

Traveling to Spain | Riding in the Andalusian countryside

Andalusia is not only the wonder of Cordoba or Seville with their luxury travel spots but it is also the spectacle of campaigns for miles. Endless olive groves and lush orange groves come into view. In a land of horse enthusiasts the most effective and exciting way to explore the Andalusian countryside is a walk […]

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5 Great Reasons to Teach English in Japan

Japan. The land of technological innovation, cityscapes that make your nose bleed and some of the friendliest, most interesting people on earth who call it home, Japan should be pretty high up on anyone’s bucket list. However, if you want to make a little money to support your trip, or give yourself the chance to […]

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Which island is better, Burano or Murano?

I was in Venice 4 times but before the last weekend I had never been to Murano or Burano. I was not expecting anything but I knew the name and fame of these two Venetian islands. So I got the ticket to get to Murano and Burano. The first was a disappointment, the second a […]

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Holidays with kids

Are the Summer Holidays the Best Time of Year or the Worst?

If you find yourself dreading the thought of the summer holidays then it is time to do something about it. Many parents hate the idea of having their kids under their feet for weeks on end but here are some tips for making life more bearable during the holidays. Find Them a Hobby Quite often […]

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St. Peter's Pope election

Sleeping in St. Peter’s for the election of the new Pope

Rome in the coming days will be literally overrun by the faithful throughout the world but also attracted by the merely curious historical event which Pope Benedict XVI saw. St. Peter is preparing to welcome a crowd that consists of television crews and people from around the world for a few days. There are barricades […]

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lake bled

5 Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Europe

Many prefer visiting destinations not overly crowded by the usual throngs of people. These locations not only offer world-class scenery, but also provide a chance to experience European culture and history not influenced by tourism. And if these five don’t quite crack it for you, Click to find out more about up-and-coming places to visit […]

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Valleta harbour

My travel experience in Valleta, Malta

Valleta is too humid in summer so it is best to visit in spring or autumn to enjoy the sun, a light breeze and a sky always blue. This is an exotic island in the middle of Europe. Like being in a postcard of the ’50s with its bus and rusty gas cylinders on the […]

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Mont Saint Michel

Impeach the mayor of Mont Saint Michel

French prosecutors have indicted the mayor of Mont St. Michel, the 60 year old Eric Vannier, to have influenced the decisions of the council in order to further his own personal interests. The decisions are the ones to force tourists to leave their cars in the new car parking, built outside the country and to […]

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