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Being one with the past in Asturias | Tito Bustillo and Covadonga

Asturias, the very northern region of Spain, has a rich patrimony if you want to meet past, culture and nature in the same nostalgic point. The magic starts when you go to Ribadesella to visit the caves, considered part of the best archeological discoverings of all Europe. There are a total of eight caves, in […]

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Snowy Freiburg

Switzerland | Discover the charm of the medieval district Freiburg

Given the choice, when looking for charming corners I recognize that most people tend to like small towns than large cities such as London, Rome or Paris. In this regard the city of Freiburg located on the border of the German and French linguistic in Switzerland, so in practice the population is bilingual, has a very […]

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Castellón Nature

Cottages and accommodation in Castellón

Only in Castellon it is possible to find the best deals on houses to spend an unforgettable stay. Here are some popular places to stay during your vacation. The Faixero Rural Tourism: This is a beautiful place designed for students and young travelers who are used to sharing the same dwelling. The house is very […]

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Villa of the Mysteries

Four houses to see on your visit to the archaeological site of Pompeii

In your tourist trip to Pompeii, in Italy when visiting the impressive archaeological remains using the best travel guide, there are four houses that are essential to see for you to enjoy the most important artistic jewelry you see in the ancient Roman city. Below I detail what these homes are. Villa of the Mysteries The […]

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Page Horseshoe Bend

What to see and do in Page | Trips around Arizona

The small town of Page is a strategic point in your trip down the west coast of the United States. If you plan the route and you plan to visit national parks north of the Grand Canyon, Page is located in the natural setting of Lake Powell, led by the great Glen Canyon Dam. Of […]

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Gaudi´s Buildings

Barcelona without Gaudí is not Barcelona | Art

To be honest, the main reason for tourists to visit Barcelona it’s not because “Spain is different” but for the architecture and wacky creations of one of its most famous architects: Antoni Gaudí. This architect had a powerful imagination ahead of his time that projected in many creations before his accidental death hit by a […]

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Albufera Natural Park Glorious sunset

Valencia | Visit to the Albufera Natural Park

A trip to Valencia opens up the possibility of visiting the Albufera Natural Park located just 10 kilometers south of the city. The center of this visit is located in the town of El Palmar, an enclave very popular to go to enjoy a paella at one of several restaurants on the same part and […]

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Cuenca and the bridge

Rural tourism in Cuenca | Spain

Cuenca is a Spanish destination renowned for its nature. I first discovered it from and it’s the same as when we provide several options for rural tourism, experiential and outdoor activities like trekking. If we are to travel to this destination we can choose one of the following homes. Gite La Balsa. This property […]

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Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg | Up to the castle in a funicular

When during your sightseeing trip through Germany you get to the very beautiful university town of Heidelberg, make sure you climb to the castle. In fact, it lies in ruins but its location on the hillside above the city promises you excellent panoramic views of Heidelberg. To get to Heidelberg Castle you can walk up […]

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Seven tips for getting through the airport faster

Booking a holiday is always exciting, but before you’re able to relax by the pool and sip on that fruity cocktail, you need to get through the airport (sigh). The check-ins, passing security and waiting around can be tedious and frustrating. How can extra preparations benefit you at the airport? Prep before you’ve left home […]

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