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Who does not love the deep blue sea? Here are travel destinations that get their charm by the amazing sea!

Costa Rica Beautiful Landscape

Exotic Adventures in Costa Rica

Trip and Travel News describes the country of Costa Rica in Latin America as a Small Country of Great Adventures focusing on the diversity of adventures featuring its beautiful scenery, ideal for those who enjoy traveling in search of eco tourism. To enjoy your Costa Rica travel, we recommend considering your stay as a series […]

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Caribbean Beach

The best travel destinations for singles

If you are single and wish to take a trip you have two options, a solo trip at your own pace without much planning or a trip organized by an agency where you’ll only find other singles where you can meet new friends and even your next couple. The recommended routes for single trips are […]

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Sunrise over Grand Turk

The stunning and peaceful Turks Islands

Today we embark on an adventure that recalls the golden days of summer, heading towards the paradise known as  the Turks Islands. As part of one of the major tourist attractions in the British colonies, we find the stunning and peaceful Turks a resort consisting of 30 islands in total, each uniquely beautiful but with […]

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Miami Night Skyline

The best attractions of Miami | What to see

Miami is an American city located in Florida that is recognized for its importance in the commercial sector, in its streets you will find the most important venues for banks, TV networks and companies in the United States, and in the entertainment industry, one of international centers for the performing arts, the presentations of the […]

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Seychelles Coast

Exotic Holidays in the magnificent Seychelles

Seychelles is itself an ideal tropical paradise for every traveler who likes to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday in one of the beaches of the island listed as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. We invite you to travel to the paradise island of Seychelles. Ecotourism lovers will not be […]

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Santo Domingo Hills

Vacation time in Santo Domingo of the Caribbean

Santo Domingo is not only popular for being the capital of the Dominican Republic but also for being one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean. In this city you will find the highlights of Caribbean beaches, cobblestone streets and old buildings that will tell you its history and a host of leisure facilities. […]

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Murcia Depths

Baptism diving in Murcia

The baptism of diving is a sport that will allow you to relax and feel virtually weightless, an experience similar to that of  being a fish in the sea. In Murcia you can explore the marine world for the first time and securely being part of a baptism of diving. The baptism of diving and […]

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Costa del Sol beach

Touristic Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol

Fuengirola is an ideal place for your holidays all year round. Its beaches are the main attraction and boast the presence of the Blue Flag which certifies the high quality of the waters of this wonderful and charming sea. In fact the city is the perfect holiday destination for those who have small children who […]

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Top 4 Cruise Destinations for 2013

Cruising continues to become increasingly popular as more people discover this amazing way to travel the world. With a range of stunning destinations and various luxurious liners to choose from, going on a cruise is truly the experience of a lifetime. Here are 4 of the top cruising destinations for the 2013 season. Caribbean Summer […]

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Majorca Caves

Last Minute holidays in the beautiful Majorca

Do you want a fantastic holiday in Majorca but do not want to spend a fortune? Rest assured because you will have the possibility to organize a fantastic full holiday for a low cost. You will encounter from clear beaches and hidden coves to long, clear, natural gardens and caves. There are parched hills until […]

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