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Red Sea Beach

Tourism and diving in Red Sea

There are many reasons to go to a place like the Red Sea, the same that hides a number of spaces and tourist scenarios to enjoy a pleasant stay. The one thing that makes Red Sea a popular concurrency point are sporting activities and more specifically diving. Red Sea has a variety of surfaces to […]

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Ibiza Sea beauty

Diving in Ibiza | The best diving spots

Get ready to enjoy Ibiza from a completely different perspective, immersing yourself in the adventure of diving. For this we present to you today a lot of attractive places to enjoy an exciting vacation. If anything characterizes Ibiza then we are talking about crystal clear waters, the best excuse to venture to practice some diving. […]

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Coron island, Philippines

Coron island in Philippines: A paradise for divers in search of wrecks

Just look at the pictures to understand that we are in the presence of a major tourist destination, islands and rocks covered by dense tropical vegetation, crystal clear water with all the shades of blue and green and with incredible transparency. Who wouldn’t like to visit this place? The scenery in Philippines is simply amazing. […]

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