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Colossus of Rhodes

Great wonders of the world

Did you know the only one of the seven original Great wonders of the world exists?  It is only the pyramids of Giza. The others are long gone because of time and mankind. The old seven wonders of the world are as follows. Hanging Gardens of Babylon is created by Nebuchadnezzar II who was known […]

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La Fleche D’Or

Top 5 night clubs in Paris

There is no doubt Paris is the city where you want to go clubbing. Aside from the fact that some are of them can be too much to handle, they are also expensive.  In most of them you will be charged with an entrance fee but you will be entitled to a cosno which is […]

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Travel info to Madagascar

Thanks to a lucky cartoon, Madagascar has now become synonymous with evasion and escape from urban stress. In fact this island, located east of Mozambique, is a perfect place for that special holiday in a unique and extraordinary nature, a consequence of forced separation that happened when the island broke away from the African continent. […]

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Tokyo, Rainbow bridge

Visiting Tokyo, all you need to know

Best time to go In spring when the cherry trees and plum trees are in bloom and in autumn are the best periods to visit: the prices are not high as in August, as it is less crowded by tourists and you will avoid the heat of the summer Sightseeing in Tokyo In the metropolis […]

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Outside Oslo Concert Hall

What to see in Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a great destination for those who are looking for distinct city vacation. Imagine you can go hiking, take a dip at fjord, and listen to a concert all in just one day. If you love nature, Oslo has a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. You can visit the Fjord which is perfect […]

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What to see in Vieux Montreal, Canada

In Canada, everything is so great that when you leave to climb what the locals call simply ‘the mountain’, you will be surprised to find yourself at the top after about 15 minutes. Mont Royal is the namesake of the city and the focal point of one of the most popular parks if you visit […]

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Castillo de Santa Barbara

The volcanic Lanzarote of the Cannaries

Imagine this: White beach, the desert and a pristine sea. You are in Lanzarote, the fourth largest island in the Canaries. With its 300 volcanoes, it has been one of the most affected islands, but thanks to these natural phenomena, its landscape is unique. Thanks to the heavenly climate, you can visit it throughout the […]

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Praça do Comercio, Lisbona

Traveling to Lisbon

Among other European Capital city, Lisbon is proven to be unique because it features river and coastline. It has a rich history that contributes to its charm.It is one of the most beautiful and sunny places in the Mediterranean and if you are traveling from another continent there are a lot of cheap flights to […]

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View from Rundetårn over Copenhagen, Denmark.

Holidays in Copenhagen on two wheels

Green, culture and shopping in one word: Copenhagen. Also known as the city where the bicycle is almost worshiped, so why not visit it in a different way, always on two wheels, but with a scooter?! Convenient, fast and secure. You can also wander around by this means of transportation so loved by children and […]

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