Now you can travel and smoke on the plane

We all know that smoking is bad, but for a smoker not to smoke on a flight which is over 8 hours is even worse! Let’s not talk about waiting in airports, delays, waiting for takeoff, what time it takes to collect the suitcase because we will become crazier and stuffed.

Smoke and Travel

Smoke and Travel

Smokers no longer need to worry about any of this, with electronic cigarettes you can smoke inside the aircraft and airport facilities. This new way, which is on the side of a more modern and respectful approach to “smoking”, serves to calm anxiety and helps us leave. Furthermore, the electronic cigarettes eliminate over 4000 carcinogens included in cigarettes. A little step to health!! The Electronic cigarettes have a unique design that sets trends, you do not have to roll it, it does not require a naked flame so is a much safer option of getting a nicotine fix than smoking a normal cigarette.

The only by product of these electronic cigarettes is water vapour and this is exhaled and all without disturbing anyone.

It’s worth checking with any airline before puffing away on your favourite brand of electronic cigarette in case they have policies restricting this behaviour but there’s no excuse not to give it a shot while traveling!


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