Weird hotels around the world

Sleeping at Le Méridien Bora Bora Island

Sleeping in  bungalow stilts, wading from the floor of the crystal glass with clear water of the lagoon and its inhabitants, sunbathing on a beautiful beach of ivory decorated with tropical palm trees; in a few words swimmin among the turtles in the lagoon at sunset. This could be the scene of your honeymoon if you decide to stay at Le Méridien Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Hotels Le Meridien Bora Bora

Hotels Le Meridien Bora Bora

But if you are on a honeymoon, and love the active life, the hotel is equipped to allow you to practice the parsailing, water skiing, deep sea fishing or a ride on the catamaran, knowing that at the end of wise massage will get you back in the mood to dine at The Tipanie, one of the most famous restaurants in Bora Bora. The hotel offers accommodation in three types of bungalows: on the beach, above the water of the lagoon and premium (for those who prefer the privacy together with the best view). Needless to say, the experience does not fall in the category low cost

Blackberry Wood Campsite: sleep in a military helicopter in the strangest camp of England

Camper lovers who thought they had seen everything there was to be seen around our weird Europe, they have to think again. In fact most of the people have hardly had the chance to stay in a campsite so singular, where even a helicopter and a double-decker bus were recovered and converted into original bungalows. The marvellous place is located in Blackberry Wood in Sussex, United Kingdom. Here it will soon be possible to test these innovative accommodation hypotheses as soon as Tim Johnson has finished the necessary adjustments. If you are thinking of taking your motorhome or camper van and stay close to Blackberry Wood do it quick because there are not too many parking places in the area. Don’t forget to look for a an insurance for your motorhome because you never know what will happen out there; we got ours from the Caravan Club and I can say that they covered everything (even if our vehicle was an RV)

Blackberry Wood Campsite

Blackberry Wood Campsite

The camp, located in a small forest with a maximum capacity of 20 tents, is located in an excellent area for trekking, hiking trails and trips brewery. According to some reviews this place is pretty wild, friendly, clean and well organized but full of animals (in the area) and without night lighting suitable for children.

Among the accommodations offered there are also the ’60s trailer and the typical cart of the gypsies. When the helicopter will be arranged, the lawn around it will be dolled up like a military camp, with sand bags and everything else.

Sleep in a lighthouse: the Old Light Upper Lundy Island, Bristol

A beacon of granite that scans the horizon from the top of a small island lost in the middle of the Bristol Channel, off the coast of England. Its name is Old Light Upper and it is located on the island of Lundy where you can sleep inside.

Deckchairs in the lantern on top of the Old Light, the lighthouse on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon

Deckchairs in the lantern on top of the Old Light, the lighthouse on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon

If you want to spend an adventorous weekend in a lighthouse built in 1820, noting the strength of the elements and the viability of wild plants and animals that animate Lundy all you have to do is take the ferry from Bideford, while in winter there is only one connection by helicopter from Hartland Point.

The interior of the lighthouse has been converted into two apartments, one 5 and one for 4 people, it has a huge fireplace which I imagine very useful on cold nights that these areas offer. All buildings on the island have been restored and are able to accommodate tourists, with varying degrees of comfort and luxury, which is the castle in 1244, the chalet of the fisherman, built in 1902, and the old stone house with garden. The more adventurous can opt for the Tibbetts 4 beds, characteristic building situated in a panoramic point of the island (from which we could see as many as 14 lights), located in good isolation from the village (there is no electricity).

Photo 1:hawkinsinternationalpr Photo 2:stevecadman,Photo 3: nationaltrustimages


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