The Newbie’s Guide to Melbourne

There is one thing to say about Australia, you will find sophistication and slickly rough edginess walk. Melbourne is the most multicultural city in Australia.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The city was originally the land of the Kulin Nation aborigines, bought by John Batman in 1835 with a payment of clothing, flour, and tools. It soon became a European settlement and finally evolved to the present day Melbourne. But, it was after World War-II that the city was exposed to multiculturalism.

Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne has a lot to offer to the tourist from its by-ways and lanes steeped in history to the festivals and so much more. The attractions of the city are given below in detail:

Lanes & By-ways – Explore the lanes and by-ways that are lined with restaurants, offering fine dining experience, elegant and sophisticated cafes, bars hidden in the arcades, fashion boutiques, and so much more. As you move through the maze of the by-ways, you will come across vibrant street art that is so much a part of the city.

Docklands – How can you possibly not visit Docklands, the hub of art, culture, and sports? It even has a colourful market that comes to life every Sunday. Find the perfect gifts and take-home souvenirs here. Docklands also offer you water cruises and kayaking experiences. Visit the Etihad Stadium, Harbour Town, the beautifully landscaped Docklands City Park, and the Yacht Club.

Art Galleries & Museums – Take your pick from the numerous art galleries dotting the city. Get entrenched in the city’s history at the museums that provide an insight into so many facets of the city.

What You Can Do?

After drinking in the sights of Melbourne, embark on a course of leisurely activities. Visit amusement parks or you can get together with your buddies and indulge in go-kart racing. You can get in some skiing, and snowboarding is possible if you visit the city in winter. For the more serious minded, the Black Light Mini Golf is an option. Also known as ‘Glow in the Dark,” the Mini Golf provides mood lighting that are painted together with fluorescent colours. The golf holes literally glow in the dark.


The city enjoys crisp winters from June and lasts till August; warm summers beginning from December and lasting till February; mild autumns from March and last till May; and lovely springs that start from September till November. The city gets its share of rainfall in October.

So, pack your clothes according to the season when you will be visiting Melbourne.

The best time to visit is however, in the spring when the weather is glorious. You can enjoy the colourful flowers in the city.


The city offers good accommodation to its visitors. You have to decide the kind of accommodation that you need. Do you wish to have a 5-Star experience or would like to sample the bed & breakfasts? There are farm stays, resorts, houseboats, camping grounds, motels, and hostels. Plan ahead according to your budget and the type of experience that you would like to have.

Getting To Melbourne

If you are travelling from UK to Melbourne, then you won’t get direct flights – it’s too long for the current generation of aircraft. There will be a stopover, the location of which will depend on who you are flying with e.g. Singapore with British Airways. You can also opt for package deals. For example, I found a 7-night package deal in March for £851.99, while a flight for the same duration will cost £718.85. Shop around when you are booking your flights as there are many airlines servicing Melbourne, so competition is high and that helps keep prices down.

Photo: Philip Griffin

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