Recommended Vaccines for a travel to Mexico

To travel to Mexico you do not have the obligation to applyto yourselves some kind of vaccine and there is no need to have any international vaccination certificate for the trip. However, being a country with extensive vegetation areas there are a number of recommended vaccines to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Mexico Urlaub

Mexico Urlaub

Within the recommended vaccinations for travel to Mexico are the vaccine against dengue, a disease that is transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes and can be fatal, the vaccine against hepatitis A and hepatitis B only applicable if we have not previously had these diseases and the typhoid fever vaccine, ideal for tropical destinations territories where there may be low and poor hygienic handling of food to generate an infectious focus.

Mexico Sunset near Whiterock overlook

Mexico Sunset near Whiterock overlook

Another recommended vaccine is for tetanus and diphtheria, the same as for protecting our health we should all apply ourselves because it is a worldwide disease that can be caused by infection of a wound, sting or burn.

Mexico Winter

Mexico Winter

Finally, it is important to note that in Mexico’s rural areas there is risk of malaria. Although these are not popular tourist destinations like Oaxaca and Chiapas, this vaccine is recommended for everyone.

Mexico Mayas

Mexico Mayas

Mexico photos: blmiers2, schlaeger, isaac.borrego.

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