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Hanging Cottage of Asturias

The rural cottages in Asturias

Asturias is an ideal European destination for rural tourism. In this Principality visitors can find houses located in villages in traditional design all with a special charm and surrounded by places of great scenery. Among the main houses in Asturias we must mention a few! Agustina Cottage is one of the houses located in the […]

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Berlin Dome

Berlin | Basic Tips for your tour of the German capital

Berlin has recently become one of the most visited European cities. Moreover, it is an ideal destination for a trip taking advantage of a bridge and in the capital of Germany you will find numerous and varied attractions. If you are making your first trip to Berlin these basic tips will be useful for your […]

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Milano Cinema Festival

September 2013 Events | Milano Film Festival turns 18

The Milano Film Festival celebrates its coming of age. The eighteenth edition of the festival that is celebrated every September is a great reason to go back to visit the capital of Lombardy. Cinema young, alternative, independent, away from the splendor of Venice and Rome and always mixed with DJ sets, live events and more. […]

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Mount Emei Top

Mount Emei | Visit the sacred Buddhist mountain near Chengdu

If you plan your trip to China you should include Chengdu in Sichuan Province, to visit the centers of giant panda conservation or the imposing Leshan Buddha. You also have the opportunity to climb to the Buddhist sacred mountain known as the Mount Emei. Mount Emei is one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism […]

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Toledo View

The natural beauty of Toledo

Toledo is not only a destination renowned for its historical and cultural attractions. It also has natural spaces. That’s why we traverse the most important natural attractions of Toledo during hiking. And Senda del Tajo Route. First we have this fascinating tour of 22.39 kilometers with a moderate level and recommended for hikers, tourists , […]

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