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Can you imagine traveling without unique amazing dishes or a special mohito by the beach? Of course not! Here is what you should definitely try in different travel destinations.

Lady Diana Hotel

24 hours in Istanbul | What to see and where to eat

What if for one reason or another you find yourself in Istanbul and you have little time to spare? An article in The Cultureist suggests some absolute musts to do to have a smattering appreciable on the modus vivendi of the city, including food of course. First address to write down is the restaurant Backyard […]

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Spicy Lampuki

Mini guide to Malta through its cuisine and traditional dishes

If we speak of Malta we must not only think of the golden beaches and the underwater dream but an island to discover all year round beginning from the kitchen, the result of a meeting of various traditions and people. The population of Malta is the result of a mix of people, all determined to […]

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5 things to eat in Japan

Sushi and sashimi is the image Japanese cuisine has in the world. Japan in fact depending on the area, like other nations has its own regional cuisine and I spent almost most of the year in Japan every time tasting something new and generally very good. Not being able to obviously make a huge excursus […]

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Villa Richter

Eating in Prague | 3 top places

Exploring Prague one is struck by the many places where you can eat food: there are a myriad of pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and bistros. So many run the risk of choosing the wrong ones and negatively connote the dining experience in Prague. Taking advantage of the most authoritative guides you can easily find some […]

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The Redwoods Treehouse

The Redwoods Treehouse | A restaurant on the trees in New Zealand

The tree houses are a passion and a special feature that affects a lot of travelers. In several places you can find their rooms in branches of tall trees, to recreate a situation that brings to mind the games made by children and to give a touch of romance to the room. This also seems […]

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Jaques Torres Chocolate shop

Where to drink hot chocolate in New York | Jacques Torres

Winter in New York can put you to the test and in the regular pause before the next desitnation it is good to heat the body with a hot drink. If you are into sweet drinks do not miss the hot chocolate at Jacques Torres that has up to 7 outlets across the city: Amsterdam […]

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Choco Paris

Choco Paris for greedy tourists

If you are planning a trip to Paris, among the many attractions you should see in this city you should also check the food. There is a place that is highly recommended and is designed specifically for the greedy tourist (who is not!?). This is theĀ  Choco Paris. Here you can find amazing chocolates and […]

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