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Belem Pastry

Lisbon | Taste the famous and delicious Belém cakes

A trip to Lisbon is incomplete if you have not had the opportunity to taste the Belém cakes. If you do not particularly like the sweet, know that it is the most characteristic sweet and famous cuisine of Portugal. If you love sweets, you have an unmissable with Belém pastries. This delicious dessert known in […]

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Lisbon Zoo Garden Panorama

Get closer to the animals in the Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon Zoo was the first in the Iberian Peninsula and it was an idea of Drs Peter van der Laan and José Thomaz Sousa Martins. In this park you will see more than 400 species of animals, as well as learn more about each of them and in turn you will have fun as […]

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Lisbon Palace

The best choices for accommodation in Lisbon

The Expoción Internaciol 1998 and the rapid growth of Lisbon as a tourist destination has made the city develop many places to stay. The three main types of accommodation in the city are hotels, pensions and guest houses. Pensions and Guest Houses differ in that pensions serve meals while the guest house does not. Both […]

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The most popular festivals of Lisbon

Lisbon is a party town. Naming all the festivities would be difficult so here are some of the most important festivals of the city. Carnival of Rio may be the most famous in the world but truth is it has its origins in the Carnival of Lisbon. This celebration of the end of winter is […]

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