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Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York

Statue of Liberty | New York, USA

The hallmark of New York city is the Statue of Liberty, which dominates the entrance of the harbor area and depicts the Liberty as a female, commanding figure holding a lit torch. She was placed in the small island Liberty and has a height of 46.5 meters, which is doubled because of the delicate base. […]

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Statue of Liberty Beauty

The Statue of Liberty in New York reopens in July

The Statue of Liberty, the icon of New York and a symbol of a certain idea of the United States of America closed as a result of damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy which struck the east coast of the North American continent last fall, will reopen to the public in time for Independence Day the […]

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Times Square Valentine's day

New York is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Times Square, Manhattan

The event is Valentine’s Day, Love. The city is New York, the center of the world. The place is Times Square, one of the landmarks of lower Manhattan; hard to find the most recognizable icons. On the 14th of February, all in Times Square will be there to make a declaration of love, to renew […]

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Jaques Torres Chocolate shop

Where to drink hot chocolate in New York | Jacques Torres

Winter in New York can put you to the test and in the regular pause before the next desitnation it is good to heat the body with a hot drink. If you are into sweet drinks do not miss the hot chocolate at Jacques Torres that has up to 7 outlets across the city: Amsterdam […]

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Chicago or New York?

Chicago or New York? You choose!

Chicago or New York? In which of these two cities would you spend your holiday and why? Both big cities, both in US and not far away from each other and on both there are many attractions and activities you can attend. In this travel infographic we compare these two famous cities in order for […]

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Panoramic view of New York from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center

Panoramic view of New York from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center

The Empire State Building has already been superseded by the Freedom Tower, the latest among the skyscrapers of New York City, to fill the hole left by the Twin Towers. But this has not stopped being one of the most iconic images of the Big Apple because it never fails to “get noticed” with its […]

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