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Rio de Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer

The wonders of Rio de Janeiro

One of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists every year is the beautiful Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro offers a destination Required for all those tourists for who travel means a way to increase their knowledge and enrich their life experience, as this city has one of the most popular […]

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Wonders not to be missed in Japan

A trip to Japan is a unique experience without being so “contaminated” by the pop culture anime, manga, video games, etc. It’s hard for me to make a list of wonders but I’ll try not to miss any. KYOTO: Was the capital of Japan for many centuries and the cradle of Japanese culture with over […]

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Colossus of Rhodes

Great wonders of the world

Did you know the only one of the seven original Great wonders of the world exists?  It is only the pyramids of Giza. The others are long gone because of time and mankind. The old seven wonders of the world are as follows. Hanging Gardens of Babylon is created by Nebuchadnezzar II who was known […]

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