Around the world with 8 ethical brands

Too often, the consumer products we enjoy in western nations are made affordable because the materials, processes and labour used to produce them exploits vulnerable workers or valuable natural resources elsewhere in the world .

However, as more of us start to shop ethically, brands big and small are starting to adjust their approach to corporate and environmental responsibility accordingly.

And encouragingly, partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers in developing and developed nations are often becoming more equitable and balanced.

So there’s a chance that almost any location you land in during a travel sabbatical is involved in some sort of eco-conscious enterprise.

To test the theory, lets go around the world with 8 ethical brands.

  1. soleRebels, Ethiopia

Upcycled footwear brand soleRebels was founded by entrepreneur Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu in 2004 and the trendy sneakers, flats, sandals and accessories it ships to loyal customers are hand-crafted in Addis Ababa.

  1. Sea2See, Catalonia

Sea2See is based in Barcelona and uses ocean waste collected around the coast of Catalonia to create superbly stylish vegan sunglasses that have featured in renowned publications like Vogue and Lonely Planet.

  1. Gumbies

Australia’s one of the world’s last great wildernesses — so it’s appropriate that ‘going walkabout’ inspired Gumbies founder Michel Maurer to create the recycled rubber thongs that now grace the feet of thousands of customers worldwide.

  1. Purple Carrot

Based in the US and yearning for a vegan meal kit company that delivers straight to your door?

Look no further than vegan cuisine firm Purple Carrot, founded by US plant-based living advocate Andy Levitt — this is one food delivery service that won’t make you pile on the pounds.

  1. Adidas/Parley

German-founded sports giant Adidas has teamed up with ocean environmentalists Parley to develop a range of fashionable sports footwear that’s made from upcycled waste from beach and coastal communities gathered before it even enters the ocean.

  1. Allbirds

Gumbies aren’t the only antipodean clothing brand with a strong ethical stance — enter Allbirds, the New Zealand sustainable sneaker brand that’s taking the world by storm.

If you like shoes that look snazzy and don’t cost the earth, they’re a great fit.

  1. Bala Sport

Football’s the world’s favourite sport and the Fairtrade balls sold by Bala Sport are made in Pakistan by workers paid fairly for their labour and expertise — all of which makes you feel even better when you blast one into the net.

  1. Kijani

British health and wellbeing store Kijani Living has been ethically sourcing and selling organic makeup, supplements and superfoods for over 23 years.

And it employs expert nutritionists and dermatologists to verify the credentials of each and every product, so you can shop with complete confidence.

So we’ve made it around the world with 8 ethical brands, with choices from North America, Europe, Australasia, Africa and Asia — which just goes to show that eco-friendly enterprise is a worldwide affair.

Do you shop ethically? Share your views in the comments section.

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