A cultural trip to Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Andalusia, mainly because it preserves in an almost intact form, its Arabic appearance. Not far from the popular Costa del Sol and the city of Malaga, Ronda is perfect for a holiday away from crowds or as part of a tour in Andalusia. The city is built on the peak of El Tajo, a deep ravine formed by erosion. The one hundred meters long Guadalevín River, which divides the country into two parts, joined by the Puente Nuevo, built in 1784-88, the Puente de San Miguel, of Roman origin, and the Puente Viejo, during the Arab period, although it was rebuilt later.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

The ravine divides Ronda into two parts, one part is the modern city and the other is the ancient Arab city, where the Moorish palaces alternate with Catholic churches. Walking along the medieval streets you’ll be enchanted by the magical atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to visit some beautiful historic buildings such as the Casa del Rey Moro built overlooking the Tagus in the 700. The merging of the two cultures can be seen very well in the church of Mayor Santa Maria, which once was a mosque, as we understand and admire the miheab, the tower and the tunnels.
The Palace of Mondragon is home to the city museum located inside the Mudejar patio, an Arabic style courtyard. Afterwards don’t forget to visit the museum dedicated to the Bandolero banditry, a very solid phenomenon in Andalusia during the nineteenth century.

Casa del Rey Moro

Casa del Rey Moro

In the modern area you can visit the Abastos market, the Parador de Turismo in the old town hall, the Espinel Theatre, Churches of Socorro and finally rest in the park of Alemada residing just behind the cliff. In this part of town you can visit Plaza de Toros, the imposing arena of Ronda which is one of the oldest in Spain.

Ronda, Spain from maurorn

Completed in 1785 was the scene of clashes of the most famous toreador of the Iberian peninsula. Even if you do not like bullfighting, you should visit the museum of the arena which is full of testimonials, photographs and costumes. Many celebrities, poets and writers like Hemingway and Orson Wells came to Ronda to watch the old fights between men and bulls.

Photos: Photo 1: Natalie Maynor, Photo 2 : dhoopercu,

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