The main shopping streets in London, Victoria Park Village

Victoria Park Village is not a real village, but it is as if it were. In the sense that it was not born as a small village on the outskirts of London, but still retains a unity of architectural style, and life, which make it a homogeneous nucleus and recognizable within the largest airline in the East End of London. It is a small village, in fact.

Victoria Park Village

Victoria Park Village

Victoria Park Village, which has acquired a reputation even among property developers, are few roads, which insist on Victoria Park, one of the oldest parks in London, among them, Victoria Park Road and Lauriston Road have acquired a certain fame among shoppers, who already complain for the price rise (because of fame, claim). It is not very cheap to book a room in proper hotels in London or in the area of Victoria Village Park because the prices are a bit high, but if you book in advance you can get some good deals.

Among the many locals, large or small, that overlook the streets of the Village, we highlight The Royal Inn On The Park, a photography excellent selection of beers on tap, Lauriston for its pizzas (and apparently also for its resident DJs), the Empress of India, a restaurant that opens from brunch on (famous for its meat dishes) and the Fish House, for the classic fish and chips.

The entrance can be Elbows Cafe for a slice of cake from Namo to sample Vietnamese cuisine and on Sazzagoni for the Sarda. And then, Near Victoria Park Road, is the church of St. John of Jerusalem (we are in the area of Hackney) a small medieval church, and from its tower you can have a beautiful view of this part of London.

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