Traveling to the capital of the Czech Republic| Prague Easter markets

Easter in the Czech Republic is a time of great celebration, linked to the Christian tradition on the one hand and on the other the whole pagan celebration of spring.

Prague in Easter

Prague in Easter

From the 8th  to the 30th of March in the two main squares in Prague Easter markets are set up between garlands of colored decorations and shows performed by folk groups from all over the country. In the 16 dressed up houses on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square in about 60 you can see (and buy) the traditional objects of Czech Easter: the kraslice, Easter eggs hand painted and decorated with various techniques, the pomlázka, a whip made from plaited willow (whose symbolic meaning is to bring health and youth for the rest of the year), objects of carved wood or crystal, candles, lace and dolls in traditional costumes make their present aswell.

Even the cuisine of the Czech Easter deserves a deeper understanding, especially the desserts: the Beranek a cake in the shape of the paschal lamb coated with sugar or chocolate, the jidase, a sweet twisted pastry. You should not forget to try the gingerbread ( small loaves) and fried Mazanec bozi Milosti.If you plan to go there next Easter search online and you can find accommodation in Prague tailored to your needs and pocket.

The celebrations are also held in other locations in Kromeriz, Czech Republic, whose bishop’s palace and the garden are Unesco’s World Heritage Site. It is celebrated on March the 14th  with the craft market in the square.

In Prague you can fly on most of flights from Venice, Trieste, Milan, Pisa, Rimini, Rome, Naples, Olbia and Catania and most of the European cities, EasyJet from Milan and Meridiana from Florence and Catania.


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