To the North Pole on a special flight by AirBerlin

Planned for next April 23, 2013 the new AirBelin direct flight to the North Pole, departing from Berlin (from Tegel, since the opening of the new Berlin airport has been postponed, even to 27 October 2013). This is not the first time for special flights of this kind but it is the first time departing from Berlin. Tourists will fly with an Airbus A330-200, for a journey of 12 hours (departure at 8 am and landing at 20:30), during which they also fly over Greenland. They will be accompanied by so many comforts (including a glass of champagne on the arrival at the North Pole), and explanations of a team of scientists. This is a real chance to admire the landscape below, depending on the weather conditions and the decisions of the pilot.

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-200 interior

Airbus A330-200 interior

Iceberg view from the plane

Iceberg view from the plane

During the flight, everyone will be allowed to stand and move closer to windows but it is obvious that those who will be sitting next to windows can enjoy the best of the trip. Equally obviously, the cost of the ticket will vary depending on the class of travel and locationon the Airbus, ranging from 666 euro economy class on central plane and 3333 euro Confort on side window.

North Pole

North Pole

North Pole photos: Mike Mantoudis, pranav

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