Quirky and Off the Beaten Track Things to do in Las Vegas

With a nickname like Sin City, many people think that all Las Vegas can offer visitors is luxury shopping, upscale dining, gambling and shows. While it is certainly true that Las Vegas offers all of those things in great quantities, there is a lot more to the city than just the Strip. Once you get away from the busy hotels full of tourists and the packed casino buffets, you can get a better feel for the real local culture and atmosphere in Las Vegas. If you are planning an upcoming trip in Las Vegas, go ahead and spend a day or two exploring the Strip. After that, however, use this guide to discover some of the lesser known and quirky attractions and things to do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas night

Las Vegas night

Visit the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame
For a cheaper and far more interesting alternative to the slot machines in Las Vegas, head to the rarely busy Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. Partly a museum and partly an arcade, the Hall of Fame boasts the largest collection of pinball machines in the world. Entrance is completely free, but it will cost a quarter to play some of the older classic games. Not only is this a fun trip down memory lane, but it is a quirky attraction that few people will ever get to see.

Drink Up at the Happiest Place on Earth
If you are interested in nightlife in Las Vegas that goes beyond the wild clubs in the casinos and the upscale bars and lounges in hotels, then head to the unassuming dive bar loved by college students called The Happiest Place on Earth. Although the walls are lined with televisions, you won’t catch the big game here. Instead, videos play everything from 30 year old sitcoms to old music videos and even insect documentaries. The vibe is weird, quirky and genuine, and it is one of the few affordable nightlife options in Las Vegas.

Drive a Bulldozer
When you come to Las Vegas, the last thing you probably expect to do is get behind the wheel of a bulldozer and get some work done. Thanks to Dig This, a new business in the city, it is a real possibility for visitors. Participants can use an excavator to dig up hidden treasures and complete a tough obstacle course using only these very big pieces of machinery. It may not be typical Las Vegas, but it is a fun adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

See the Neon Lights
Neon is perhaps as much a part of Las Vegas as gambling, so it only makes sense that the Neon Museum properly honors those signs that are no longer in use. Visitors can walk through the neon graveyard and literally see the transformation of Sin City over the years. Keep an eye out for some of the iconic signs known around the world that have been replaced in recent decades.

Act Like a Kid
Much of Las Vegas is geared toward adults and mature entertainment, so it can be a relief to find an attraction that is very much geared toward acting like a kid. At Sky Mania, the biggest attraction is a room full of trampolines set together. With padded walls and even a padded ceiling, you can jump to your hearts content from one large trampoline grid to the next without worrying about falling or hurting yourself. For a chance to let loose, have fun and create some unusual memories, this is the perfect attraction.

Las Vegas truly has a lot to offer visitors who want to get away from the most touristy attractions. This list contains just a few of the fun, unusual and quirky things to do in the city.

Bio – this article was written by Ross who writes at netflights.com and loves Sin City!

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