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Islands near Phuket, Thailand. View on Thai in rainy season - not standard, but intersting

The Most Affordable Ways to Visit Thailand this Christmas

If you are looking for an affordable Christmas holiday, in an exotic location with balmy temperatures, then Thailand may be the answer. Exotic may be exciting, but it doesn’t have to mean expensive. Costs in general have gone up, but Thailand remains a very inexpensive place to visit. It is possible to manage the costs […]

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Chicago or New York?

Chicago or New York? You choose!

Chicago or New York? In which of these two cities would you spend your holiday and why? Both big cities, both in US and not far away from each other and on both there are many attractions and activities you can attend. In this travel infographic we compare these two famous cities in order for […]

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Outside cooling water

The amusement park in the nuclear reactor! Wunderland, Germany

There is probably no better way to recycle a nuclear power plant! What better way, in fact than the transformation into an amusement park? This is what they did in Germany with Wunderland which is created in the city of Kalkar. In fact, the center is never brought into operation and has never hosted radioactive […]

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Darwin Convention Centre

Life’s an Adventure in Darwin

Capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin is a tropical oasis with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its warm climate lends itself well to relaxing on the beach and working on your tan. You don’t have to go too far outside of town to find adventurous sporting activities, whether you’d like to swim with crocodiles or try your […]

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MAC view from the beach

The flying saucer that houses the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi, Brazil

No need to be a big fan of contemporary art to get me want to visit the MAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi, Brazil. The truth is that this structure which was designed by the well known architect Oscar Niemeyer, it is better to be admired from the outside. It looks like a […]

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Las Vegas night

Quirky and Off the Beaten Track Things to do in Las Vegas

With a nickname like Sin City, many people think that all Las Vegas can offer visitors is luxury shopping, upscale dining, gambling and shows. While it is certainly true that Las Vegas offers all of those things in great quantities, there is a lot more to the city than just the Strip. Once you get […]

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Bellarocca island resort, Phillipines

Bellarocca island resort in Philippines

It is certainly not a destination around the corner where you can spend a weekend, but certainly the Bellarocca Resort will be taken into account for a major trip, the kind that you make to celebrate great events, or for a nice gift. The island that houses the facilities of the hotel reminds somewhat close […]

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Giant Buddha statue front view

The giant Buddha statue in Leshan, China

In these photos we can see the stone statue depicting the world’s largest Buddha. It is located near the city of Leshan, Sichuan Province, China. The construction began in 713 by a Chinese monaco who was trying to calm the raging rivers. It was completed only after ninety years. Giant Buddha statue front view Giant […]

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Half Moon Bay, California

The Half Moon Bay in California

The Half Moon Bay is located in California, about forty miles south of San Francisco. The Bay is famous for its fresh, clean air, scenic roads, the exceptional view of the ocean, the golf course to 36 holes, deep sea fishing, horseback riding on the beach, great nature and the fields full of flowers, the […]

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Eurostar, the high speed underwater train that connect London with Paris and Brussels

Eurostar: The high speed underwater train

Eurostar is the highspeed train that connect London with Paris and Brussels! There is a part of the train’s route that is throughan underwater tunnel. The train reaches a top speed of 208 mph and it takes almost 2 hours to go from London to Paris. Unbelievable but true. In this travel infographic we can […]

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