5 Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Europe

Many prefer visiting destinations not overly crowded by the usual throngs of people. These locations not only offer world-class scenery, but also provide a chance to experience European culture and history not influenced by tourism. And if these five don’t quite crack it for you, Click to find out more about up-and-coming places to visit in Europe.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

This picture postcard destination lies in the northwestern region of the country. The quaint community stands along the glacial Lake Bled in the scenic forested Julian Alps. On a precipice overlooking the lake lies the town’s medieval castle. Guests enjoy the spa community all year round. Summer activities include boating, fishing and mountain hikes while the winter months offer skiing. Less outdoorsy types may prefer the golf courses, tennis courts, spas or casino. Restaurants offer international cuisine options and Bled remains famous for a scrumptious cream pastry. Accommodation options range from budget friendly hostels to five star hotels.

lake bled

lake bled

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Reminding many of the spectacular landscape of “Jurassic Park,” Plitvice lies in the Dinaric Alps in the Lika region of the country. Lush thick forested hills harbor 16 upper and lower level lakes filled with turquoise water. Natural dams separate each body of water that often feature picturesque falls. A series of wooden pathways meander through the park in addition to numerous hiking trails. Guests arrive at the gorgeous location all year round for a host of activities. The park itself boasts three budget friendly accommodation options and other affordable facilities lie within walking distance of park entrances. The nearby communities also offer a variety of restaurant options.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Rab, Croatia

The beautiful island encompasses 36 square miles and lies in the Adriatic Sea off the northern coast of Croatia. Soft sandy beaches meld into forested hills. Unlike the mainland, the climate on Rab remains mild. The historic town features medieval buildings dating back to the 13th century. Guests enjoy many different land and water-based activities including cycling, hiking, boating and scuba diving. Churches not only house historic religious relics but also additionally feature art galleries and cultural exhibits. Accommodation options vary from rooms at bed and breakfasts to the option of renting entire villas. Cuisine options evolve around typical Mediterranean fare, which includes fresh seafood.

Rab - Croatia

Rab – Croatia

Visegrad, Hungary

This historic village lies north of Budapest and along the Danube River. Humans inhabited the area from prehistoric times and remnants of Roman occupation remain visible. Rolling, forested hills comprise the landscape. Attractions in Visegrad include a medieval palace, a citadel and the Solomon Tower, once used to imprison the infamous Vlad Tepes, also known as “Vlad the Impaler” or Dracula. Hiking through the valleys and hills while enjoying the scenery is a popular activity. Behind the castle lay spas and an adventure centre offering a number of outdoor options that include zip lines through the treetops. Restaurants commonly offer Mediterranean cuisine and accommodation options range from hostels to four-star hotels.



Ronda, Spain

This small community lies in the south central region of the country in the province of Malaga. Surrounded by mountains and having numerous historic ruins, many consider the area a romantic treasure. Arabs occupied the region during medieval times and reminders of this era include a number of palaces. The community also boasts one of the oldest bullrings in the country. The destination is also a part of Spain’s rich wine country. Accommodation options range from hostels to quality hotels. Mediterranean cuisine is the norm.

Iznajar Lake And Beach,Andalucia

Iznajar Lake And Beach,Andalucia

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