Why Buy Travel Insurance?

A lot goes in to planning a trip abroad; arranging flights, accommodation, transfers, spending money, which clothes to take for the climate, what factor sunscreen will give you the best tan – the list goes on. One thing lost amongst these various priorities though, is travel insurance. In fact, there was once a time when travel agents would dread even bringing up the subject of insurance for fear of losing a deal.


Travel Insurance is often classed as a negative, as arranging it is seen as being the boring bit of holiday planning; however, if you just so happen to need medical care when abroad, have your luggage stolen, or trip cancelled, travel insurance becomes as important as your passport.

Many people see travel insurance as an unneeded extra expense of holidaying, but it really is something no person should be without.

Peace of mind

As you are about to find out, travel insurance is beneficial for many reasons, whether you’re travelling Down Under or to Europe, but peace of mind is chief among them.

You generally do not go travelling with a worry of losing your luggage or becoming ill during your trip, and the chances are that your holiday will be the time of your life and pass without the slightest glitch. What would happen though, if you were to suffer an injury when partaking in water sports, or arrive at an airport to find that your passport and wallet have been stolen?

None of these things may ever happen to you, but if they did, you would be grateful for travel insurance to cover medical bills of potentially thousands and provide you with emergency cash to help you continue your journey. Travel insurance provides the peace of mind that, no matter what happens, you are covered and if your holiday is ruined, at least your bank balance won’t be.

What travel insurance covers

Travel insurance covers a myriad of areas, and will provide you with help in almost every travel emergency.

Medical care is the most common aspect of insurance; however, a whole host of other things are covered, including:

  • lost or stolen luggage and personal effects
  • personal liability
  • trip cancellation
  • emergency dental treatment
  • evacuation to country of residence
  • funeral expenses.

Some policy providers will also provide cover for expensive gadgets such as camera and computers – beneficial if you own a smartphone or tablet that will be travelling along.

Buying travel insurance

When purchasing travel insurance it is important to read the small print. Yes, this may be one of the reasons for you not bothering to buy insurance in the first place, but if you are going to do so you need to ensure that you are adequately covered. Some insurers will exclude dangerous activities (i.e. skydiving, motorcycling, and rock climbing), while others may not cover you for certain countries. You will also need to keep an eye on the excess – the lower the better.

Travel insurance is an important part of travel planning – do not leave home without it!


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