Always wanted to go on a hiking trip to Burgos

Burgos is one of those special magical environments that are worth visiting. No wonder since we are talking about the best practice benchmark for trails, filled with exciting routes, tourist landscapes and panoramic views. Here are more reasons to go to Burgos looking for an intense experience. If you are looking for places to go hiking in Burgos, then you came to the right place. Here’s a list of the most important points.

Burgos Roman Ruins

Burgos Roman Ruins

Burgos Palpalokada

Burgos Palpalokada

Puron Gorge is an ideal route for walkers with more experience. It’s a circular route which consists of an area of ​​23 kilometers, unevenness of 900 meters and a duration of 8 hours. The tours take place at any time of year normally. Porterin, Caborneras and Rioseco are another very popular route for a trip idea that consist of 10 kilometers, 825 meters altitude and duration of 6 hours. If you do not have much experience in the practice of hiking we recommend this intermediate route that runs all year.

Burgos Hiking

Burgos Hiking

Burgos Seven Falls

Burgos Seven Falls

Lunada Castro Valnera is a more complex path requiring accreditation. With a high difficulty level, ready to move on various unstable surfaces on a journey of five hours, length of 11.5 km and altitude of 715 meters, it may prove a challenge even for the experienced. It is advisable not to go in winter time to avoid fatal risks. Puente Arenas Trespaderne is 31 miles long taking 8 hours traverse at an altitude of 640 meters. It is a path for less experienced athletes and families.

Burgos Reussenstein Castle  Hike

Burgos Reussenstein Castle Hike

Burgos Green Valley

Burgos Green Valley

Burgos photos: Fernando Lopez, Jesus Fernando, Stelih, xn44, Silvia, Alaric Yanos.


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