What to take with you on a long haul from Dallas to Sydney

From staying healthy to keeping yourself entertained, there really are a variety of issues that you must keep in mind for any long haul flight. If you’re travelling from Dallas to Sydney however, you’ll be flying on the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world, so preparing for the trip is important. With a flight time of 15 hours (covering a vast 13,800km), there are just a few important things that you must take with you to ensure a comfortable flight for all. So, without further a-do, here are some of the most important things that you should take with you on your flight:


Invest in a memory foam travel pillow

Unless you happen to be flying first or business class, memory foam pillows probably won’t be available for the flight, though looking at the flight time, which is enough to watch the first Lord of the Rings film four times over, any extra available comfort is a must have. Originally designed by NASA in the 1960s, memory foam was originally designed to help astronauts during the stress of take-off, though the material is now used around the world to help people sleep and travel. Here is an article regarding the top ten travel cushions available on the internet.

On PLane

Purchase some flight socks

Flight socks are designed to help combat the onset of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in people who often travel on long haul flights. Once known as “economy class syndrome”, you can be forgiven for thinking that DVT only occurs in economy seating. Unfortunately however, this is not true. DVT occurs when blood flows too slowly through the veins and the blood forms a clot in the legs. Thankfully however, there are a range of travel socks available on the internet. If you aren’t balled over however, they are something that the NHS also recommends for long haul flights.

Remember your smartphone or iPad

Ensuring that you have a phone or iPad on the flight with you is pivotal to your entertainment needs. Though most people are quite fearful of taking their phones abroad, in fear of vast roaming charges, you can of course buy data SIM cards from businesses like SimSmart Pre Paid. Whether you really do want  to watch Lord of the Rings four times over, or merely play a few hundred rounds of Candy Crush, you can be sure that with a little battery juice, your phone can get you through the flight. If you are unsure as to which apps can grab your attention for 15 or so hours, here are the Top 100 Android Apps of 2013, as chosen by PC Mag.com


Power Adaptors

Though Australian and American power sockets do actually look very similar, the truth is that they are actually quite different. Before you leave, it is therefore important to make sure that you take with you the correct power adapter so that you can charge your electronic equipment while you are away. Here is a great article discussing just what power adapters you need for travelling to Australia.

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