Is the “low fares” airline worthy? | Ryanair

Everybody knows the fame that Ryanair has, especially when it announces the amount of passengers they have moved and always on time. Well, these triumphs hide the reasons that more and more passengers start to suspect when the flight starts…

Ryanair Flight wing

Ryanair Flight wing

They call themselves the “ultra low cost” airline, and they seem that until you advance in the booking of your flight. They start with an attractive low price that increases without the user realizing it. Even if you say no to their countless offers: you can’t skip them, you have to specify that you don’t want to buy their suitcase, you don’t want to rent their car and you don’t need any insurance (actually, here you have to click on “thanks, but I’ll take the risk”) and, when you say that you will pay with a credit card instead of a debit card, you say that little by little the final price is around 70€ more expensive! That price is not the ultra low price of the beginning, and even without hiring any of their services!

Ryanair deck

Ryanair deck

In addition to this, they shouldn’t be proud of the politic of punishing the passenger for the slightest mistake: if your suitcase complies with the limit of 10kg but it’s shape doesn’t fit the restriction cabin you will pay a penalty of 50€ or the suitcase won’t travel. If this clueless passenger has also made the check-in online and, for private reasons like not having a printer at home he couldn’t print the boarding pass, he will go to the check-in desks to receive it there, the penalty for not printing a 2cts paper is 70€ plus VAT (with that money you can buy a printer!). If this poor passenger hired a 15kg extra luggage but the weight is 16kg, the penalty for extra kilo is 20€.

Ryanair truth

Ryanair truth

Finally, the trick to be the fastest is the use of just the necessary quantity fuel to fly from one place to another, not a liter plus. Recently, a Ryanair pilot showed his worrying about the safety of the flights with this restriction of fuel, worrying for which Ryanair fired him.

Ryanair photos: Oscar von Bonsdorff, Jonathan Lister.

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