Travel insurance: what is it and when should you get one

Let’s find out what is the travel insurance

Travel insurance, as the name suggests, is a particular insurance which is signed when you decide to leave abroad and allows the individual to make the journey safely. In fact, it is usually required just to prevent any inconvenience that may occur during the trip as in cases where the baggage is lost, you feel ill while on holiday or in cases where the journey itself is canceled. In these cases, you are entitled to compensation for the suffered damage.

Travel insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

As with traditional insurances there are different types of insurances depending on the type of travel, if it is insurance for domestic travel or an intercontinetal one. Another thing that is taken into consideration is the duration and the needs of the traveler.

The first difference is to choose between:

• Policies for single trips: are preferred when you have to travel far. For example, a typical case is the policy taken out for the summer holidays;

• Annual policies: are preferred by frequent travelers who make multiple trips throughout the year;

• Policies for students or young people are subsidized insurances for young lads and for those who are studying.

Guarantees offered by travel insurance

Dome aspects to consider are the various offered guarantees. In fact, every insurance provides guarantees for its customers but, of course, in the case of a trip it is necessary to at least make sure you have some of the following guarantees:

• Storage: Storage insures against loss, theft or opening of the same by outsiders. If you experience something like that and you are assured you will be given a refund equal to the value of the baggage;

• Assistance and medical expenses: covers situations in which you require medical care in foreign countries or any refunds for hospitalization expenses;

• Liability of travel: covers you from damage you could do on vacation;

• Legal assistance: covers you for any damage incurred during the trip.

Obviously, travel insurance is not always mandatory, but it is recommended especially when you have to take long trips or “potentially at risk” countries.


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