Survival guide for tourists

Even though you might have travelled a lot, feeling comfortable when located into foreign lands, there are some general rules that everyone should have in mind before leaving for other states or other places and other more specific and concrete, depending on the destination, anyone should care to get informed before the departure gate at the airport.

Travel guide

Travel guide

This is a guide of behavior for tourists who do not want to get in trouble:

1) Do not offend local customs

It may sound obvious, but there are few who do not care to be properly informed about what they can and can not do to their destination. For example if you are traveling to Dubai, be sure to get the right clothes with you and dress conservatively. If you find yourself in Beijing don’t feel awkward when someone you see spits in front of you in the middle of the street. The Chinese consider this action healthy.

2) Do not get in contact with animals to avoid tropical diseases

Kittens and puppies are adorable and you feel that you can not resist to them, but the last thing you would want in your vacation would be to catch rabies or some other tropical disease.

3) Do not remove your clothes

You wouldn’t like to remove your clothes in Abu Dhabi, where there are strict dress codes, or stay naked in many parts of Indonesia, where nudity is illegal. Always follow the local rules.

Travel guide

Travel guide

4) Do not drink the tap water

Taking a risk to drink from the tap in a foreign destination may mean that you risk contracting serious illnesses like microbes stomach and dysentery, so perhaps it would be better to avoid. Many countries do not treat the water with the result that all the bad bacteria and fungus living in it to offend those who try to drink it. Do not take example from the local people, because their body has become accustomed.

5) Do not behave like tourists

Okay we are not saying that you cannot go into the souvenir shops, just make sure to say no to what they are trying to sell you when they notice that you are tourists! It would be better to avoid purely tourist places.

Travel guide

Travel guide

6) Do not pollute or damage the local environment

It may be the most beautiful flower you’ve seen so far, but that does not mean you have to cut it and take it with you. Besides, it may be a species in danger of extinction.

7) Do not just eat in your hotel

Most hotels would urge you not to try the local specialties in a local restaurant, but to book the hotel restaurant for your safety. Talk to someone on the street and find out what are the best places to eat. Not only will you not pay as much as you would in the hotel but you are going to get a real taste of your destination. Always remember the rule for water!

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By Nicole P.

Travel guide photos: Cuba Gallery, Vanessa Chettleburgh, Danny.

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