Advice, documentation and requirements for travel to Japan

Japan is a country that receives more tourists per year and has one of the world’s most modern capitals. If you travel to Japan you should be aware that if the trip lasts less than ninety days and the reason is not linked to tourism, visiting relatives, business, attending events or other unpaid activity, it is necessary to deal a visa. For a trip on the reasons mentioned above it is only necessary to have a passport valid for more than ninety days and have a valid ID.

Japan Pagoda

Japan Pagoda

If you travel to Japan for studies and academic research at universities that are linked to a grant, you will need to apply for a visa of cultural activities at the Embassy of Japan. In this case, you must pay 22.5 euros for single visa, 45 euros for a multiple entry visa and 5 euros if you are applying for a transit visa.

Japan Street

Japan Street

If the entry to Japan is by air, the customs declaration will only be verbal. It is important to note that you can only enter Japan duty free. One hundred cigars, snuff or half kilo of 400 cigarettes, three bottles of less than 80 cubic inches each and personal items worth less than 1.730 euros.

Japan Temple

Japan Temple

To enter Japan it is not mandatory to have a vaccine, although the vaccines that are recommended are for tetanus and diphtheria.

Japan photos: Kenny Teo.

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