Which beach to stay at in Kerala?

Which beach to stay at is often the dilemma for visitors to Kerala who come from all parts of the world. For most people coming to holiday in Kerala it is about the Kerala houseboat packages and backwaters of Kerala. However there are a set of travellers who visit this tropical destination for warm, clear and calm waters that lap the sands of beachfront accommodation. Here we’ve made a list for the discerning traveller to identify the best beaches in Kerala ,what they are like, what’s in the area and who usually stays in these areas.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam was selected among the best beaches of India by tripadvsior in 2013 ravelers’ Choice Beaches Awards and was called as “a MUST MUST visit and keep coming back”.August to March is the best time to visit Kovalam beach which in fact consists of three smaller beaches -Hawah beach, Lighthouse beach & Samudra Beach. Kovalam which is symbolised thorugh a lighthouse on the beach is well known for sunbathing , swimming and genuine Kerala massages and has some of the best beach resorts in Kerala including the Leela Kovalam resort which overlooks the beach from the top of the cliff.



Varkala beach

Varkala is a lovely beach, much quieter than its neighbour Kovalam, but at a longer distance if you want to hit the town and was called by Trip Advisor as an “Excellent, clean and shallow beach” . There is the famous Varkala cliff on the side,the sand is soft and the waters for the most part calm, unlike Kovalam. Accommodation here is limited and mostly mid-range or budget homestays unlike top end resorts in Kovalam. There are a number of independent restaurants, shacks or bars. It is a nice beach for couples and families who like to have a bit of peace and quiet on a relatively secluded beach and is popular choice for weekend packages in Kerala.



Marari Beach

Marari beach lies between the Alleppey backwaters and the cultural hub of Cochin in Kerala.The sand is not as black or brown as Kovalam or Varkala, and the sea sometimes can get a little rough but generally is a nice soft sand beach with calm waters. Accommodation here is less crowded as the beach is suroorunded by resorts like world famous Marari Beach Resort, which is consistently ranked among the best resorts in Kerala. The visitors here are a mixture of all types, young, old, families, couples and groups who mainly come for solitude and this is one of the becahes where you can watch the life of a traditional fishing village in Kerala.



Cherai Beach

Cherai is a beautiful sunset beach on the western coast of the island, this is a beach for those that really want to get away, the sand is soft the waters, clear calm. You won’t find too much of anything around here. There are a few resorts on one side of the road and the beach on the other side of the road, private villas and some budget offerings on the accommodation side. Restaurants and bars are sparse, althhough you may find some street vendors here. Cherai definitely an area for those who prefer to get away from it all.



Kappad Beach

When it comes to nature and the sea, Kappad is one of the nicest beaches in Kerala. Located in the northern corner of Kerala, this lovely beach is where vasco Da Gama first set foot and has one of the best sunsets in India. . It’s great for swimming; the waters are much like the rest of the islands beach, calm, clear and shallow. This is not a tourist hub much like Kovalam or Varkala ; you will find some high-end luxury resorts here, some smaller family run resorts and private luxury villa getaways. There are some cheaper bungalows around, but accommodation is not plentiful. This is an area for those that want real to really get away. As far as nightlife goes, it doesn’t really exist, nature and beach is the key.



Bekal Beach

Bekal is one of the best beaches in Kerala with soft sand, clear calm waters and no crowds. It’s a great swimming beach with beautiful views of ocean and sunsets to the west can be amazing. The accommodation varies from budget to high-end; you can find some high end resorts along the beach here. In Bekal You’ll mostly find families, couples and younger people who prefer a relaxed holiday. Bekal is still a pristine and virgin beachand is not a tourist spot like the above-mentioned areas, there is not much nightlife here, quiet beach bars in high end resorts and street bars are spread about but it is not lively. This beach also has the world famous Bekal fort.



Payyambalam Beach

As you move further west, it gets quieter and quieter, with less of everything. Payyambalam is a lovely beach with pockets and stretches of sand . The sun sets to the west, with the garden on the horizon facing the beachfront. A sculpture Mother and Child is an attractive feature of this beach along with the beach garden. You will need transport if you want to get around.

There are no worries about sharks in coast of Kerala, as the waters are very shallow and sharks feed out in deeper waters where there are bigger fish. There are more beaches around the island where you can stay, but the ones we have mentioned here are the best beaches in Kerala. There are beaches in Kerala are characterized with lush coconut groves and balmy weather and long stretches of golden sand, clear skies, and rows upon rows of swaying palm trees.For those not sure about the conditions on the beaches, as a whole they are mostly calm, clear and warm.

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