Holidays in the UK countryside

When people think about visiting the UK from another country, the temptation is always to visit the major cities like London and Edinburgh. You might also plan to visit culturally and historically important sites too, like York, Bath and Durham. Some of them require driving to them by car. If you’re british and wanting to discover places you’ve never been to in your country then – VW will be of great help.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Of course, the good thing is that you can do all these things but while you’re there you should also make some time to appreciate and explore the great British countryside. Whenever you see those films showing that Hollywood version of England – patchwork fields, beautiful villages, lovely seaside towns – you might be forgiven for thinking that they are just that, a Hollywood ideal of what England should be like. But those places do exist – you just have to get out into the countryside to discover them.

The best way to see the UK is to hire a car, so that you can really get off the beaten track. It’s a lot cheaper in the long run than using public transport and it means you won’t have any difficulty getting around from whichever train station gets you closest to your destination. You also wont have to worry about common car breakdowns such as that of timing belts. As for accommodation, static caravan holidays can be a great option, as you’ve got a good amount of home comforts without having to pay really expensive hotel rates. The other great thing about staying on a holiday park is that they are often in the most stunning locations, where you could be a stone’s throw from a beautiful coastal path or beautiful lake or mountain.

Probably the best choice when visiting the UK for the first time is to mix up your itinerary a little. Spend some time in the big cities, seeing the sights, but then head out to see the rural side of the UK. Of course, you won’t have time to see it all, so you need to pick what you want to see the most. You can save the rest for your next UK trip!

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