Collect Avios with a Lloyds Rewards Credit Card

If collecting Avios points during your daily shopping expedition just wasn’t quite rewarding enough, now there are even more ways of collecting Avios points which can then be redeemed, at a later date, on something really special. Now, with the help of the Lloyds Rewards Credit Card, you can earn points just by using the card, wherever you are and on whatever you need to purchase.

The brand new Credit Card Account from Lloyds Bank is perfect for anyone who wishes to join the Avios programme and reap the rewards. Not only is it a great option for everyone looking for a rewarding, well-recognised card, but it’s also the perfect match for anyone who loves to travel. The Avios points that can be earned can help wannabe jet-setters to afford their dream flights, holidays and hotels, but without having to dig too deeply into their pockets, therefore leaving that little bit more cash spare to spend on souvenirs and cocktails. The best bit? If you make any purchases abroad using your Lloyds Rewards Credit Card, you won’t be charged any foreign transaction fees which can so often haunt your bank statements upon your return home.

When you use a Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card you can receive 1.25 Avios for every £1 you spend, or 1.25 Avios for every £5 you spend. This depends on the card that you use. When you apply, you will automatically receive both the Amex and the MasterCard credit cards, which you can then take with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to the local high street or perusing the streets of Milan looking for that special designer piece, these two credit cards are your shopping friends. The Amex card offers 1.25 Avios for every £1 you spend, and while the MasterCard doesn’t quite match this, it makes up for it by being a highly recognised and accepted method of payment, in over 33million locations all over the world.



Your Avios points collection can start from the moment you receive the card. You will receive double Avios for the first 6 months after card activation too, which means that you will receive up to 2.5 Avios for every £1 you spend instead of the usual 1.25 – that holiday you’ve dreamed of could come sooner than you thought!

Bear in mind that, to use the account and its facilities, you will be charged an annual fee of £24. It’s important to balance this with the rewards that you could reap, to ensure that this is the right card choice for you. As an added bonus, there’s also 0% interest on purchases for 16 months from the account being opened, which means that you can collect Avios using your card, on purchases via the Avios eStore, Shell garage, Tesco and British Airways, without worrying about the interest that you could be charged.

If you’re looking for a credit card that can help you to collect Avios points, both at home and abroad, with foreign travel perks as well, the Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card account could be the perfect option for you. Get saving those Avios now, and spend them on a trip, experience or holiday of a lifetime in the future!

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