5 Long Haul Family Destinations That Won’t Disappoint

Looking at long haul destinations for your next family holiday? Try one or more of following 5 destinations and be sure that they won’t disappoint you:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination with limitless number of things to do and see for family holidaymakers. From accommodation to food, everything is very affordable in this country, making luxury holidays in Sri Lanka a real possibility. Its world class beaches, rich wildlife, unique culture, friendly locals and archeological treasure will keep you and your family busy having new experiences and enjoying every moment. Riding an elephant in Yala National Park can be one of the most exciting experiences for your young children.


Thailand has recently received huge popularity as a family travel destination. In fact, this Asian country has something for every kind of travelers and is affordable. You can be sure that your children will have enough entertainment visiting theme parks and other most popular attractions in Thailand. It pristine coral reefs, golden beaches, tropical islands, exotic wildlife, dense rainforests, rave parties, floating markets, colorful hill tribes, Buddhist monks, ancient monasteries and city ruins, all waiting to be explored.




India is a place full of wonderful landscapes, renowned attractions, colorful festivals, delicious food, friendly locals and a unique culture. Taking your young children to the famous Taj Mahal can surely be one of the most unforgettable experiences in their life. The Temples in Varanasi, the colorful buildings in Jaipur, the natural wonders of Darjeeling, Kerala and Kashmir, the exciting beaches in Goa, all will make sure your family enjoy every moment in Incredible India.


If you have never been to Caribbean, you know how beautiful it can be. The Caribbean islands are so beautiful that anyone who has ever been to there will always be appreciating the experiences they had. The calm and quiet weather, an amazing culture, wonderful beaches of Caribbean are always perfect for family holiday. There are over 700 beautiful islands in the Caribbean and you can choose from some of the best ones to have an unforgettable family vacation. Although immensely popular as a travel destination, Caribbean islands are not too crowded and you can find things incredibly affordable prices, meaning that family holidays in the Caribbean are a great option. Be assured, the Caribbean islands will never disappoint you.




Jordan is often referred as the most popular and most appealing destination in the Middle East for its renowned World Heritage Sites, inspiring desert landscapes, epic scenery and momentous relics. It is a country that will not disappoint any kind of traveler. You can see the excitement, delight and feeling of accomplishment in the eyes of your family members when they witness and experience all that Jordan has to offer.

These are some travel destinations with unique attractions, rich history and unlimited things to offer their visitors. You can be completely sure that your family will be enjoying some of their best experiences in life in these countries.

Photos: Nathan, Ben Geach.

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